Epic Games Store Giveaways Total Over $2K

PCGamesN busted out a calculator to figure out the value of all the games given away for free on the Epic Games Store during their promotional freebies spree. This added up quickly, as we are surprised to see the retail value of all these giveaways comes to more than USD$2,000. Here's word:
We added up the full list of 108 free games that Epic’s had on offer since launch, using the regular sale price of the base versions of each game – the versions of the software that have been offered as the freebies, basically. Sure, some of these games have been available deeply discounted or free elsewhere, but we’re going with the non-sale price as a rough gauge of how valuable each title is.

All together, from Subnautica to Grand Theft Auto V this week, the total value of the free games the Epic Games Store has given away is $2,140.94 USD. That’s equivalent to £1,768.83, although the total value in pounds is probably a bit different due to regional pricing variations.
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Re: Epic Games Store Giveaways Total Over $2K
May 17, 2020, 23:21
Re: Epic Games Store Giveaways Total Over $2K May 17, 2020, 23:21
May 17, 2020, 23:21
jdreyer wrote on May 17, 2020, 16:55:
I know a lot of people don't like Sweeney's tactics, but a Steam monopoly is better? What's the alternative?

That's not a great argument. One alternative is to do your gaming on consoles, for example. If there are tons of downsides to consoles, what incentive does EGS have to do any better if "anyone but Steam" is their bar to beat? It's kind of like my mother, who has generally supported the Communist Chinese government despite being Taiwanese herself, on the basis that "it's not good if the US is the only world superpower."

As it is, I don't see how Epic has eroded Steam's market dominance, or will ever do so given its catch-up roadmap. As a consumer, I don't see any reason to buy a non-exclusive game from the EGS. If Origin isn't considered a spoiler in Steam's monopoly, how is this any different? EA at least has a subscription service as a way to present value to customers for third party games.

What would a non-monopoly scenario look like? A situation where the EGS gets all the big games and Steam becomes a niche store for indie titles that Epic won't accept? Or one where Steam is for people who want to make use of streaming LAN play, casting to other devices in-home, VR, gifting, family account restrictions, mod support or controller remapping, while the EGS is for, what, people who like to argue on the Internet? Just what differentiates Steam and the EGS in a post-monopoly market? The consoles have a non-monopoly situation because the hardware locks you into future purchases, but the closest situation to that on PC is Oculus, which actually goes toe-to-toe with Steam on non-exclusives but causes noted EGS fan Slick to completely lose his shit. Independent of hardware, it seems to me that the major new competitor to Steam is Microsoft's Gamepass, which really does have people reconsidering games they would normally have bought off of Steam.
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