GOG GALAXY Version 2.0 Nears

After an extended test period, GOG.com announces they will launch GOG GALAXY Version 2.0 in the coming weeks. This will offer the promise of giving you unified access to your game library across all the platforms they are scattered across. Here's word:
In the upcoming weeks, we’ll update GOG GALAXY 1.2 version to an up-to-date 2.0 variant. If you are currently still using GOG GALAXY 1.2 rest assured that your favorite elements are present in the new version.

Features like auto-updates, cloud saves, cross-play, and rollbacks are accompanied by additional ones that allow you to build your game library and friends list across many platforms. Those new features are optional, as we want you to enjoy using the GOG GALAXY app exactly the way you like it.


Here’s GOG GALAXY 2.0
All your games and friends in one place.

Your new GOG client
    The new way to update and run your GOG games, while remaining fully optional.

Your games
    Organize your games across platforms into one functional library.

Your friends
    Check what your friends are doing across platforms and chat with them.

Your privacy
    Designed to protect your privacy - no spying, no data sharing, all your data belongs to you.

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Re: GOG GALAXY Version 2.0 Nears
Apr 23, 2020, 09:57
Re: GOG GALAXY Version 2.0 Nears Apr 23, 2020, 09:57
Apr 23, 2020, 09:57
LurkerLito wrote on Apr 23, 2020, 02:32:
I not thrilled about it because I don't want or need all those features. But overall I am more upset that they killed the GoG Downloader than anything. That to me was the perfect client for GoG. No friends lists, no games lists, no chats, no forums, no store, no linking to other storefronts. You just go to the website click the link and it downloads all the pieces of the game and installer to a directory on your HDD. Nothing else in it, so nice and clean. Yeah that's also available in Galaxy as a "backup" installer download, but look at all that extra crap that is in there. Sigh

Wtf you talking about, Willis?

You don't need any "downloader". Just go in your library and select "Download Offline Backup Game installers" (Not part of any Galaxy App) and download each part of a game (Separated in 4GB chunks).

You usually don't need the patch files (usually game is patched already), or any other downloads listed in that area.

Yes you have to click more than one item to download... if you have enough bandwidth click them all in order right away (I have 300Mbit) and they will come down all at once. If you are buying a sh!t ton of games from a sale, is it really that inconvenient to come back to that window and start the next game to download? Did you even already install the 1st game? They aren't going away... they are in your library forever. If you have the bandwidth start a 2nd or 3rd game set of downloads at once.

That said... I don't run Galaxy. Even though they claim " Your privacy - Designed to protect your privacy - no spying, no data sharing, all your data belongs to you." I won't give even the slightest potential.

Get your games from GOG DAMMIT!
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