Six Temples Early Access

Six Temples is now available in Early Access for Windows on Steam. Six Temples is a multiplayer magic slasher, as well as the answer to the question where does a three-headed monster get headaches. In this players compete in team-based arena matches using one of 12 heroes. Here's the Early Access Launch Trailer and here are the details on the game:
Six Temples brings a diverse roster of twelve playable Heroes for players to choose from, such as the mystic Shaman, the brutal Executioner, the fire-wielding Wizard, the deadly Assassin, the cunning Huntress, and more. With a fine-tuned Directional Melee Combat System, players engage in precise skill-based battle not only against one another, but against a host of Undead and environmental minions that defend the map.

Six Temples features Abilities, providing heroes unique skills that range from simple passive effects, to devastating explosions, to complex, game-changing feats. All heroes have access to multiple abilities throughout the course of each match, including four or more basic abilities and two or more supercharged abilities, as well as magical items, which players can use to swing the tide of battle in exchange for treasure collected from fallen AI mobs.

Additional features include:

  • A selection of beautiful and dynamic maps to play on, such as Alkazar.
  • Multiple game modes for a constant stream of engaging experiences.
  • Full controller support in addition to mouse and keyboard.
  • Fully featured Offline Mode for those looking to take a break from playing online; includes enemy bots with adjustable difficulty levels.

The game will be available on Steam for $29.99. A limited-time launch discount offer will be available to players at $19.99.

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Blood sprites don't make sense when you hit a skeleton...
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