New Valve Controller Patent Application

A new international patent application from Valve proposes a swappable button scheme for a handheld controller, suggesting Valve may be planning a new version of their recently discontinued Steam Controller (thanks Tyler McVicker via PCGamesN). Here's the abstract for the patent:
Described herein are, among other things, handheld controllers that include housings having one or more receiver portions for detachably coupling to one or more controls. For example, a housing of one such controller may include, on a front surface of the housing, a receiver that is configured to detachably couple to one or more joysticks, one or more D-pads, one or more track pads, one or more buttons, and/or the like. In some instances, a user may swap a first control for a second control based on a current application (e.g., game title) that the user is playing, based on comfort of the user, and/or for any other reason.
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Re: New Valve Controller Patent Application
Apr 13, 2020, 01:39
Re: New Valve Controller Patent Application Apr 13, 2020, 01:39
Apr 13, 2020, 01:39
Controller was a neat idea, but I wasn't a fan of the layout at all. It felt very foreign, the buttons felt 'off', and while the tactile buttons/pad were an interesting idea, wasn't sure what to make of them. Probably doesn't help I've grown accustomed to the PS style of controller. Xbox ones felt unwieldy, at least to me.
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