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  • Ars Technica - Ars analysis: -80% of Steam games earn under $5K in first two weeks. Thanks JDreyer.
    "But even as the number of successes on Steam has increased, the number of failures has increased even more, both on an absolute and relative basis. For developers, that means just getting a game on Steam isn't anything close to a guarantee of being able to find a significant audience these days. For players, that means sifting through Steam storefront listings full of a lot of crap that apparently very few people want to buy."

  • PayneReactor - I want to be sedated.
    "What struck me upon revisiting the game in 2020 was the fact that Max, when injured by non-player villain characters, is damaged all the time. He never really has a chance to recover from his injuries but sustains more and more, and the player is encouraged to hoard painkillers and frantically smash a button when Max comes dangerously close to losing his life. It’s this constant yo-yo between frenetic, bullet-dodging gameplay and constant monitoring of Max’s wellbeing that leaves the player in an almost out-of-breath race to solve the narrative puzzle surrounding the character to ensure his agency and success. To beat the game, you have to use."
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Apr 9, 2020, 07:13
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Apr 9, 2020, 07:13
Parallax Abstraction wrote on Apr 8, 2020, 13:45:
Then again, this is a Kyle Orland article so I shouldn't be surprised this is the position he's taking. Bashing Steam is the latest trend in the games press.

The issue is the internet is filled with clickbait in order to drive ad revenue, once you see these articles enough times they know that spouting bs and being an idiot drives people to click and say "aren't these people morons".

So in some greater sense people are falling for these pseudo-clickbait traps.

Plenty of good games sell even in early access. Deep rock galactic and Dead cells.

The reality is most games suck and are low quality and even the good ones have such low content as to be barely a game. Since modern gamers are basically idiots who will buy anything. What good games there are from indies are usually short and many can't even be called full games.
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