GRIP: Combat Racing Adds VR Support

A post on Steam announces the release of a VR update for GRIP: Combat Racing on Steam. Despite the trailer for this being titled Combat Racing - Vomit Racing Edition, they promise this is not a joke, and that the combat racing game now includes virtual reality support. Here's word:
Today's date may suggest otherwise, but a VR update is available NOW! Plug yourself into your favourite VR setup and experience GRIP like never before!

Feel every flip, jump, crash, spin and boost even harder as you strap into your favourite Airblade or Roller, hitting the highest level of VR driving intensity.

Like exclusive content, chatting with and challenging other players? Get on our wonderful Discord server and show who's got the strongest stomach:

We've also updated and fixed some things so have a look at the full changelist:

  • Added Virtual Reality support to the game. Players can now play all the game's content in VR, including multiplayer matches.
  • Added new speed streak FX for both flat and VR versions of the game.
  • Added player vehicle representation when in bumper cam.
  • Rebalanced Disruptor spawn rates.
  • Bug fix for Carkour achievement not working.
  • Bug fix for not being able to progress through campaign tiers.
  • Bug fix for controller not working in the UI when entering a MP event.
  • Bug fix for missile turrets blowing themselves up.
  • Improvements to MP server logic handling of number of players in a session.
  • Fixed Disruptor audio issues.

See you on the virtual track - just be sure to use a splash guard on your PC components...

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Re: GRIP: Combat Racing Adds VR Support
Apr 1, 2020, 17:22
Re: GRIP: Combat Racing Adds VR Support Apr 1, 2020, 17:22
Apr 1, 2020, 17:22
jdreyer wrote on Apr 1, 2020, 15:22:
theglaze wrote on Apr 1, 2020, 11:42:
It's been on my wish list for a while...

I have Redout which supports VR and it's actually not that nauseating, despite all the fast turning and loops. I played a lot of Wipeout over the years, so maybe I can just stomach it.
I love racing games, and thought I would love Redout. I hated it though, and ended up returning it. I guess it was too simple, both gameplay and graphics, and there was no feeling of weight to the vehicles? Been a while so I don't recall exactly.

I definitely want to try this, although I'm not sure I want to do it in VR.

I wasn't a fan of Redout either but if you like classic wipeout then BallisticNG has a VR mode. I really like it. It took me a few days to build up my VR legs for it but it's well worth it. Incrementally increasing your speed class with the sense of speed that VR gives you is pretty addictive. Going >1000km/h in VR is incredible. Also, if you're on an Index, 144hz really pays off.

I wouldn't recommend people start out with a racing game that has smooth roll rotation like GRIP though. BallisticNG has a mode that keeps the plane of your view fixed to the horizon (except when passing over the gravity pad things). One should get the basics down first and only then integrate roll rotation.
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