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Apr 1, 2020, 08:19
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Apr 1, 2020, 08:19
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If you don't think this gets mentally exhausting...
It is mentally exhausting because you let it be mentally exhausting. I don't think it is and not without experience. Two years before they finally laid me off I was forced to work from home. This was two years after I had fought like hell to not work from home and won, getting my management to sign a two year extension on the office space lease. Anyway, my work computer space, my personal computer space, and my TV all in the same room. And being in IT I also got calls at too early am and had to get out of bed, walk 20 feet, turn on a pair of monitors and work on whatever the "emergency" was. Would it be better if you had to drive 15 minutes (or longer) to get to the office to work on the issue? I didn't think I'd ever say this to someone, but you need to work on your mindfulness.

I get it is inconvenient. I get not liking it. But right now, anyone who can work at home has it so much better off than all those people who can't.

I don't think the point of this was about the difference between working from home and not working while staying home. It's about the difference between working from home and going somewhere to work. And I am certainly not going to argue that working from home is more tiring than digging ditches. But it sounds like you are approaching this from the standpoint of an introvert while ignoring the dynamics of how that differs from being an extrovert.

I can be very chatty and social at times, and used to struggle with the question of this made me extroverted. When I finally understood the true definition of the term, I realized just how introverted I am. In it's simplest form the difference is described as extroverts feeling energized by social situations and introverts feeling drained by them.

In the same vein as the above, I won't try and say that being at a cocktail party is harder work than digging ditches, but as an introvert I do find most social situations positively exhausting. So it stands to reason that extroverts can feel exhausted by the social isolation which I tend to find invigorating.

tl;dr: We're not all wired the same and social isolation has a different impact on different types of personalities.
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