DOOM Eternal More Than Doubles DOOM (2016) Player Count

The SteamDB listing for DOOM Eternal shows the peak player count on Steam for the shooter sequel reached 104,891 concurrent users this weekend. This is a good start for the shooter sequel, and this is all the more impressive since the game is not a Steam exclusive. By comparison, the 2016 version of DOOM, which is exclusive to Steam, topped out at a peak of 44,271 players. Thanks VG247.
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Re: DOOM Eternal More Than Doubles DOOM (2016) Player Count
Mar 23, 2020, 17:49
Re: DOOM Eternal More Than Doubles DOOM (2016) Player Count Mar 23, 2020, 17:49
Mar 23, 2020, 17:49
HorrorScope wrote on Mar 23, 2020, 17:17:
aka_STEVE wrote on Mar 23, 2020, 11:43:
it's good when it's good ( all out frantic shooting of demons ) , but the platforming, puzzle jumping, quadruple air sprint dodges ??? - WTF?
When did that become part of DOOM ?

It is like a 1st person shooter of TombRaider, mixed with Darksiders,,,, in some parts.
Like I am sitting there playing it, enjoying it, - but then I start saying to myself, " yeah, I'm sure these demons from Hell have some kind of Hell-gineer come in to architect in all these elaborate doors & lifts & puzzles for every one of their demons to navigate just to get in & out of these damn places....

Saying Darksiders kicks in my thoughts of Jedi Fallen Order. The game sputters like dog shit and plays ok and nothing more. Was really surprised at how well it was received. To me it feels like pitty/desperation, it was merely average imo.

The lack of detail in the maps had me think of Darksiders, coincidentally enough. There were so many moments during my Doom Eternal run that I realized really late that I was running through office buildings for example. It's all just low detail and the scale feels off. They sacrificed immersive maps for giant, open soulless maps.

Where DOOM 2016 had a good mix of atmosphere/immersion and combat, Doom Eternal now just had combat. They literally just could've given me the tutorial room and drop a thousand demons in there and I'd have as much fun as I had before I got bored AF.

I hate Doom Eternal, is my verdict. I was frustrated 80% of the time, dashing like Flash like an idiot, searching for the cannon fodder for ammo because of course I only had enough chainsaw fuel for them.
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