DOOM Eternal More Than Doubles DOOM (2016) Player Count

The SteamDB listing for DOOM Eternal shows the peak player count on Steam for the shooter sequel reached 104,891 concurrent users this weekend. This is a good start for the shooter sequel, and this is all the more impressive since the game is not a Steam exclusive. By comparison, the 2016 version of DOOM, which is exclusive to Steam, topped out at a peak of 44,271 players. Thanks VG247.
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Re: DOOM Eternal More Than Doubles DOOM (2016) Player Count
Mar 23, 2020, 17:05
Re: DOOM Eternal More Than Doubles DOOM (2016) Player Count Mar 23, 2020, 17:05
Mar 23, 2020, 17:05
bigspender wrote on Mar 23, 2020, 16:57:
There's so much good in Doom Eternal but so much that annoys me about it as well.

The combat feels perfect. But there is so much bloat in between it all:

-Awful platforming (why so much of it? yeah I get it you made a wall climbing mechanic).

-And nonsensical mario-esque fireball traps and rotating fire chains (floating in mid air) everywhere, really strange.

-The popup tutorials that pause the game, I think I got to shoot the gun about 5 times in the opening level and there were just as many pop ups and pauses. It seems to do this throughout the game. Please just let me shoot things in my Doom game lol (is this some mobile app game design creeping in?)

-I also don't like that they tell you how to shoot a monster - because you might be too dumb to notice that the flashing red is the weak spot? (and when the mancubus comes out, it totally spoils the surprise of it coming out! It pauses the game, and tells you a mancubus is coming out and shoot it here for more damage.... wowwwwwww!!! )

-The teleportation to tutorial rooms even though you're in the middle of a level is a sin in any game, let alone doom.

-They also never give you enough ammo which virtually forces you to use melee and chainsaw constantly. It makes the combat more repetitive than it needs to be. I like the idea of using the enemies as ammo and health drops but it's too much here. I'm forced to do it.

-Also the fetch quests you have to do in your home base and even on some levels it's a chore.

All of that just seems like they are too scared to let people just enjoy the awesome combat.

And a personal gripe is the story. I loved the idea of being some dude that just happened to be on mars (or earth) when a demonic invasion happened. You take your stimpaks and rip and tear because you're a badass. The comic book of the 90s captured this so well.

But the whole "you're a slayer" and the "doom universe" thing is really contrived. And I don't like the parts of the game that look like they are out Warframe or heaven levels from Diablo 3. Futuristic bases and buildings, and some crazy hell stuff, and throw in some alien ruins for good measure. But having weird medieval style worlds with contrived traps to set off seems really weird to me.

Just got to the mancubus, and yes, yes, yes! Why did they do that? It ends the pants-staining "oh my god, I'm not equipped for that!"

Having us go to the codex to see is fine. Honestly, on the spider brain, I'd never notice the flashing. Too much else going on at the same time. So, just use it to reward me for reading the codex.
Mar 23, 2020Mar 23 2020
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