BATTLETECH Final Update This Month

Harebrained Schemes announces that with the conclusion of the Season Pass for BATTLETECH, the version 1.9 update expected later this month will be their final update for the mech combat revival, though they remain committed to customer support for the game (thanks Neutronbeam). They explain that they are embarking on "two brand new non-BattleTech projects." They illustrate the news with a Thank you from BATTLETECH and HBS video and a BATTLETECH Visualization Map video. Here's word:
Thanks again for all your support for BATTLETECH over the last 4 years. That support allowed us to deliver the first turn-based, tactical MechWarrior experience in more than 20 years and we truly appreciate the opportunity to make it for you. Your support, along with some great press, awards, and accolades allowed us to continue supporting BATTLETECH with nine free updates plus our Flashpoint, Urban Warfare, and Heavy Metal expansions. Thanks again for making all of this possible!

Now, with our season pass at an end, HBS is going to focus on two brand new non-BattleTech projects. Our last free update, BATTLETECH Update 1.9, will release in late February. After that, BATTLETECH will continue to maintain customer support.

Here's a video of Mitch saying all this but with more "Mitch".

And before we go dark for awhile, we thought we'd leave you with these two historical artifacts. #1 is a bit of data...
[Infographic snipped]
#2 is a visualization of the BATTLETECH project over time from a file structure POV. (It's much cooler than it sounds.)

We look forward to seeing all the badass BATTLETECH mods y'all come up with. Talk to you again when we have something to announce!
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Satanski wrote on Feb 12, 2020, 03:40:
More Shadowrun, please
They already did three games with that setting. And then they worked at least four years on Battletech. I understand that they want to do something new and wish them all the success in the world. And after THAT i don't mind them coming back to Shadowrun
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