Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Patch Adds Currency, Quests, & Free Map

A new patch is now available on Steam for Warhammer: Vermintide 2, updating it to version 2.1.0 and kicking off Season 2. This also adds new free content to the Windows edition of the Warhammer action game, including Old Haunts, the first out of three maps to be released from the return of Drachenfels from the original Vermintide. "Drachenfels brings back memories, but the memories are not matching what we bring the players now," says Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund. "The Drachenfels of 2020 is harder than ever, with meaner enemies, and tougher challenges." This post has all the details and the full patch notes. It also explains that they are adding new in-game currency that can be earned through daily and weekly quests, along with some premium cosmetic items to support the release of free game gameplay content. Here's a bit:
The new in-game currency is known as Shillings and they can be earned by completing Daily and Weekly Quests. Anyone in possession of one of the existing Vermintide 2 DLC’s will get a one time bag of Shillings for each DLC as well as additional Quests.

Cousin Okri is very generous and has decided to put some extra coins as a reward for the Ubersreik 5 for completing his quests. All his Dwarfen wealth has to go somewhere, as Okri himself has no need of it.

The reasons behind this are that we want to try to release content that involves gameplay for free while charging for a few premium cosmetics instead. By adding a few select cosmetics that you can purchase for real money you can support the studio and we can create more free content updates, such as the Curse of Drachenfels levels.
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