Out of the Blue

Having a fine time with our visiting friends. I planned on whipping up some omelets for breakfast this morning, but it turns out this was not a favored choice for most of the crew. So we shifted gears and I made waffles which worked out fine. This was against the odds, considering I screwed up the recipe by mistaking ounces for cups in adding the flour, which I thankfully caught before it was too late. This was also the first time in about ten years that we actually used the waffle iron, so we couldn't even be sure it would operate properly. But they came out properly, except, of course, for the first one, which is almost always a disaster. The twins went so far as to declare it the best breakfast ever, so I'm pretty high on myself right now.

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Wow, KC did that pretty handily didn't they? I guess people in KC are going to be eating Kansas City style ribs tonight aren't they?

Huh, always wondered how much those flyovers cost....

The Crazy Amount of Money the Military Gives to the NFL

We’ve also become accustomed to seeing military jets fly over stadiums before games. According to the Washington Times, the military takes part in these flyovers roughly 1,000 times per year. And the costs can tally up to more than $10,000 per hour. But that’s more or less an estimate, and the costs can actually be much higher than that. In one case, four F-18s flew over Cowboys Stadium at the 2011 Super Bowl. The stadium has a roof, so fans had to see it on the big screen rather than having a direct line of sight. But it appears that single flyover could have cost the taxpayers as much as $450,000.

So that's perfectly fine but money for health care and/or education = bad?

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"Van Gogh painted alone and in despair and in madness and sold one picture in his entire life. Millions struggled alone, unrecognized, and struggled as heroically as any famous hero. Was it worthless? I knew it wasn't."
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