Black Mesa Xen Release

And now, for our moment of Zen. This post on Steam announces the official release of the Xen chapters of Black Mesa, the modernized remake of Half-Life, Valve's seminal first-person shooter (thanks RedEye9). This does not yet mark the end of the Early Access beta for the game, but they outline a roadmap to lead them to version 1.0, so hopefully they'll get there soon. Here's word on the addition of the Xen content:
We have pushed a major patch to the Xen levels and released the full game on Steam “mainline”. This means you can play a polished and tested version of all Black Mesa without having to switch into public-beta. If you have been holding out for Xen, this is what you have been waiting for!

With this update, we not only bring the beta over to mainline, but also implement feedback to refine the difficulty, increase player guidance, fix bugs, as well as increase performance throughout the Interloper chapter. See the detailed change list below.

The game is still in Early Access (EA), so that we can get even more data and bug reports from a wider set of players and machines. We will be watching people play the game and listening to how we can further improve the game for the next big update to take us out of Early Access. In addition to polishing the levels, we want to look at the game as a whole before switching out of Early Access.

Note: It is extremely likely that workshop mods will currently break the game in strange and unexpected ways. During the beta we noticed odd issues caused by seemingly unrelated mods, such as players’ long jump modules not jumping them far enough. If you are experiencing strange issues with your game, try unsubscribing from all your workshop mods. This may resolve some issues. In the future this will hopefully be less of a problem, as workshop modders update their mods to work properly with the latest version of our engine/game.
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Dec 24, 2019, 19:01
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Dec 24, 2019, 19:01
chickenboo wrote on Dec 24, 2019, 14:09:
Xero wrote on Dec 24, 2019, 13:12:
Sweet. I suppose I'll wait until it's out of EA though before actually giving it a shot. I already got up to the point of Xen and uninstalled it a couple years ago. I can wait longer if need be...

Did the same thing, got up to Xen and have held back since. I'm planning on performing a complete new playthrough since this remaster is so darn good! I think this is close enough for me, I could wait for official non-EA release but it won't be extensions of levels or story, simply bug fixes and further mod support.

I'm going to play this time entirely with the Steam Controller from the couch for that big screen experience.

Brah, if you want to enjoy that experience, I highly advise against doing that, lol. Use the big screen, but stick with the mouse and keyboard. Yeesh.
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