MS Declares Halo: Reach PC Launch a Blockbuster

Xbox Wire discusses the recent release of the Windows edition of Halo: Reach in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. They're making a note here, huge success, calling it a blockbuster launch:
The long-awaited debut of Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC) on PC was worth the wait, thanks to the amazing Halo community as well as a host of all-new players experiencing the Halo universe for the very first time. The release of Halo: Reach in MCC on both PC and Xbox One on December 3 led to a monumental launch for the Halo franchise, with record numbers including:

  • Nearly 3 million players of MCC on PC and Xbox One during launch week
  • #1 top-selling game on Steam during launch week and the highest-ranking debut for an Xbox Game Studios title on Steam
  • #1 most-watched game on Twitch during launch day

When fans haven’t been playing MCC, they’ve been watching, viewing nearly 3 million hours of Halo streams during launch week, pushing MCC into the #1 most-watched position on Twitch during launch day.

PC players and media have taken notice of Halo’s return on PC, with MCC rated “Very Positive” across more than 35k Steam Customer Reviews and The Washington Post proclaiming MCC on PC as, “the best deal in gaming.”

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Re: MS Declares Halo: Reach PC Launch a Blockbuster
Dec 13, 2019, 00:51
Re: MS Declares Halo: Reach PC Launch a Blockbuster Dec 13, 2019, 00:51
Dec 13, 2019, 00:51
Still holds up. Runs much nicer than XBOX but those textures were made for 720p, not 1400p and it shows!

I like the gunplay. Like hell let loose, you need to confirm with yourself if you droped a bad guy, not have a ping sound tell you UNLESS IT's GRUNT BIRTHDAY PARTY.

It's way easier. Gun range is not more effective than it was, but visually you can see better further out with the higher resolution. Mouse is a big advantage, Legendary mode is still lethal but M/KB definitiely helps even the odds.

Absolute classic game. It might show it's age but being fairly ambitous for the time means it's still gotta a chance to wow you. The assault on the fighter lauch facility, trip to orbit for a bit of spaceship pew pew times, boarding the convenant ship and how that all ends... still awesome. Rest of the game dosn't hit those highs except maybe the very end but solid encounter design and fun AI to fight against and with makes it good times all the way.
Dec 13, 2019Dec 13 2019
Re: MS Declares Halo: Reach PC Launch a Blockbuster