Phoenix Point Released

Phoenix Point is now available for Windows and macOS on the Epic Games Store, offering the new turn-based strategy game/RPG from Julian Gollop, creator of the classic X-COM series. The game is available in three different flavors: There is a Standard Edition with the base game, a Deluxe Edition with bonus digital content, and an Ultra Edition which includes the bonus content from the Deluxe Edition as well as a Season Pass covering five future DLC releases. Here's the previously released Launch Trailer, and here's word on the game:
Phoenix Point puts players in the midst of a desperate fight to take back the Earth from a mutating, alien menace. Featuring turn-based tactical combat on procedurally generated maps, and resource management on a global scale, Phoenix Point offers endless replayability and a brutal challenge.

Following a global environmental disaster, the Pandoravirus appeared and began reshaping creatures, including humans, into hideous mutants. Unable to stop the progress of the virus, much of human civilization was wiped out -- only small enclaves remain, separated by their principles and the vast landscape. The Phoenix Project, an ancient failsafe against global catastrophe is the only hope to unite mankind and take back the planet.

Lead the Phoenix Project from its base at Phoenix Point. Research and develop new technologies and techniques, plan operations, build alliances to unite the planet-- or simply destroy your rivals. It's up to you to save the planet and rebuild civilization, but there may be much more to the alien threat than meets the eye.

  • Mutating Alien Menace: Face down an ever-changing alien threat that adapts to your tactics and offers no respite even as your team becomes more powerful and technologically advanced.
  • Uncover the Secrets of the Pandoravirus: Phoenix Point features a complex narrative, with multiple endings that the player can only uncover via multiple playthroughs. Discover a secret history, as you learn about the origins of the mutants, the Pandoravirus, and Phoenix Point itself through exploration, diplomacy, and research.
  • Manage Diplomatic Relations: The Phoenix Project is not the only organization trying to reclaim the Earth. The militaristic New Jericho, the mystical Disciples of Anu, and the technophiles of Synedrion all offer unique rewards for co-operation and threats for opposition. It is up to you to decide how, or even if, to deal with them.
  • Take Aim on the Battlefield: In addition to equipping and commanding units, Phoenix Point lets you take direct control of your soldier's shots in combat, with a unique free-aiming system. Target enemy weakspots, weapons, or valuables, or just go for center mass.
  • Next-Gen Tech with Classic Pedigree: Phoenix Point was designed by Julian Gollop, the creator of the X-COM series in the 1990s. Keeping the core ethos of X-COM while updating the visuals, technology, and systems to modern standards has made Phoenix Point best-in-class.

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Re: Phoenix Point Released
Dec 3, 2019, 19:04
Re: Phoenix Point Released Dec 3, 2019, 19:04
Dec 3, 2019, 19:04
So far, graphically not as nice as the X-COM remakes, and it seems thus far to be easier. The faction system is a nice touch, but oversimplified in that every faction has an opposing faction so helping one in any way shape or form always gives negative points for another faction even if it doesn't impact them at all.

The free aim is a very cool way to implement the old targeted aim system where you can choose specific body parts and cause different debilitating statuses depending on what you hit. (ie. leg impacts movement and causes bleeding, arm impacts ability to aim or even hold a weapon).

Haven't yet played long enough for the game to start modifying the enemies depending on my strategy, but thus far it's been pretty solid. Not blown away, but it's been fun so far.

Edit: Biggest issue I have so far is the game doesn't make very clear your chance to hit when using the free aim system.

Edit 2: The free aim system also allows you to target things in the world that you couldn't ordinarily target. For example, a propane tank or shooting through a wall at a target your current guy can't see but someone else can.
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