Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Has $600M Opening Weekend

Activision announces the recent launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has raked in over $600 million in revenue in just three days. They call this the top-selling new premium release of the year, the biggest-selling digital opening in Activision history, and the biggest-ever Call of Duty launch for PC. They also note this once again compares favorably to a Hollywood blockbuster, saying the military shooter sequel's take outstripped the box office take of the number one movie of the moment:
Activision’s Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® had more than $600 million in sell-through worldwide in its first three days of release. The title has sold more units in its first three days than any other Call of Duty® game sold in its first three days in this console generation, and is the top-selling new premium game release of 2019. Modern Warfare also established a new record as the #1 top-selling digital opening in Activision history. With its blockbuster launch, in its first three days of release, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare more than doubled the box office opening of Joker.

Modern Warfare set new records on the PlayStation Network for the highest digital pre-orders and highest three-day digital sales ever on PlayStation 4. Modern Warfare also has become the #1 top-selling Call of Duty PC launch ever, as opening weekend PC sales on Blizzard® were significantly up over last year.
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Oct 31, 2019Oct 31 2019