Out of the Blue

We're still getting used to the new BlueTower and what to expect as we head into our first autumn and winter in the new place. This includes some oddities. Yesterday I mentioned firing up the pellet stove on the main floor for the first time. The good news is that this also helps heat the upstairs, since heat rises. The bad news is my office is downstairs, leaving me in the cold, so to speak. The oddity I refer to is that so far it's remained comfortable down here without turning on the electric heat. Yesterday evening it was a balmy 78ºF down here, and when I checked it was 64ºF outside. This can't even really be attributed the dehumidifier, which is in the closed-off storage area. I assume this may have something to do with the other units attached on either side, but it still seems odd. I doubt this means I'll be able to go through the winter without running any heat down here, but I certainly wouldn't complain if that turns out to be the case.

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