Deep Rock Galactic Free Weekend

Deep Rock Galactic is free-to-play all weekend on Steam, and the co-op first-person shooter is on sale for those who enjoy their sample (thanks DSOGaming). Here's word:
Attention Miners!
As we’re getting very close to the launch of update 25, we want to recruit new Greenbeards to work the mines below the surface of Hoxxes IV. We’ve already passed the mark of recruiting 750.000 brave dwarven brethren, so to celebrate this we’re having a free weekend as a recruitment drive. Join Deep Rock Galactic, the most tenacious space mining corporation in the galaxy, and get your limited edition recruitment helmet, while supplies last.

During the Free Weekend and an additional couple of days, Deep Rock Galactic will be 35% off, so if you have friends that have been waiting for a reason to take the plunge, this is it. Give them a nudge. The Free Weekend runs until September 16, 5PM UTC. The sale ends September 18, 5PM UTC.

As an extra bonus, we have something special for everyone taking part of the free weekend. For this limited time only, we’ll have a special, handcrafted, hot-off-the-forge helmet available in the nearest Accessory terminal (it’s the first one you see when you exit the personal pods). Remember that this is only available during the Free Weekend, so you’ll have to go grab it in the Accessory Shop, or you’ll miss it.

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