FINAL FANTASY VIII - REMASTERED is now available on Steam, offering a Windows edition of the RPG remake. Here's the Official Launch Trailer, and here's the deal:

Marking the 20th anniversary of the game’s original release, FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered features newly rendered visuals that breathe life into the game’s characters like never before. Players step into the shoes of SeeD recruit Squall Leonhart and resistance fighter Rinoa Heartilly as they work together to save the world from the military nation of Galbadia.

The remastered version includes the following boosts to enhance the experience:

  • Battle Assist: The ability to always have maxed out HP and ATB, and trigger Limit Breaks at any time.
  • No Encounters: An enemy encounter option that allows players to enjoy the storyline uninterrupted. While enemy encounters are turned off, players can still enjoy the story’s event battles.
  • 3x Speed Boost: Play through the game with three times the speed.
  • The STEAM version will also receive additional functions, including All Items (possess all items except for a few certain items), All Abilities, GF Max Level, Max Gil, Max Magic, All Limit Breaks, and All Cards (possess max number of Triple Triad® Cards except for Rare Cards).

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Sep 4, 2019, 09:38
Re: FINAL FANTASY VIII - REMASTERED Released Sep 4, 2019, 09:38
Sep 4, 2019, 09:38
LOC wrote on Sep 4, 2019, 01:26:
Simon Says wrote on Sep 4, 2019, 00:06:
Looks just like the original and worse than some mods... What am I missing?

I'm not sure why they bothered with this to be honest. As I understand things, the code for the game was lost right after the original PC release back in 99 or whenever it was. So any improvements made to the game since then aka this version, is just upscaled or uprezzed models and some tweaks here and there to the visuals. They have no access to the backgrounds, lighting and shadow systems and whatever else might be under the hood. Unless they found someone to actually unpack the code or backwards engineer it (or hired someone good with the current codebase) its just another version of the near 20 year old PC version as it is.

This always gets brought up when discussions of "Why no FF8 remaster?" would crop up and nobody ever seems to be able to properly source the claim. It certainly would make sense, but I don't understand how remasters of every other title in the series have been made available, when the same practice of getting rid of all the original art masters and source code was also commonplace for them.

Oh well, in my head canon, the reason for it is that Square Enix was just trying to delete FF8 from existence and the collective memories of everyone. Joke's on them though: I'm one of the 17 people that liked it.
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