Phageborn Online Closed Beta Signups

Phageborn Online is a new online card game coming to Early Access this summer on Steam. This will not be free-to-play, it will be a premium "buy-to-play" game where cosmetic items will be the only in-game purchase options. Those interested in playing this before its release, there will be a technical test this weekend, and signups for that are now underway on the Phageborn Website. Here is a Gameplay Trailer and here are the details on the game:
Welcome to the dark, unforgiving world of Phageborn!
Phageborn is an upcoming Online Card Game set in an immersive dark-fantasy world with powerful avatars, dual resource system, fast-paced solo or team battles and many new features!

Assume the role of one of the game’s many avatars - powerful, restless leaders in charge of lethal units and destructive spells - in a deep, strategic game that combines traditional card game mechanics with MOBA elements.
Show the world your devotion to a certain avatar or faction with special, unique cosmetics.

You don’t have to face the darkness of the world alone - seek the help of a friend, or meet a new one, and face your foes together in 2v2 versions of PvP modes.

When you’ve become tired of classic player vs player encounters, or just want a change of pace, delve into the game’s deep story mode. Explore the vast world of Issilith and fight your way through an expansive single-player campaign in the company of some of Phageborn’s many different characters.

With hundreds of additional cards to acquire, you can keep exploring new strategies and combinations or optimize your favorite decks.

Phageborn offers multiple game modes for engaging other players, such as ranked, casual, and custom. Whether you wish to test out a new strategy, hone your skills, or just want some plain fun, you can find a mode to enjoy the game your way.

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Jul 24, 2019, 03:04
nobody wants to play your piece of shit game....... LITERALLY NO POSTS, nobody fucking cares...........
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