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Op Ed

WIRED - 'Fallout 76' Desperately Needs to Test-Play Its Patches More.
"In response to the latest controversy, Bethesda has canceled a planned livestream, while fans have started asking for something that a lot of games like Fallout 76 already have: a test server. A test server is a specific server of the game set aside for updates to be rolled out early so willing players can serve as testers of the content in a live environment. What I like about this request, and the story in general, is that it shows just how tricky it is to run a massively multiplayer game, and how ignoring the solutions favored by other, bigger games can be ruinous. Especially when folks aren't super happy with your game anyways."

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5. Re: Op Ed Jul 19, 2019, 23:35 Rhett
Regardless of the... staggering amount of issues, it's still incredibly fun to play. I don't know why, but it really hooks me and my friends. It does some things right, like base building (for the most part) and is just generally fun to play. But then you get severe bugs, made worse by patches intended to fix them, ironically.

Really good idea but very, very poorly implemented and handled. Not as bad as Anthem, but fairly close. Games as a service mixed with incompetence or laziness... yikes. It's really too bad. Under all the bugs, there's some fun to be had. It's just highly unlikely they'll be able to polish it well enough with their current team or resources.
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4. Re: Op Ed Jul 19, 2019, 23:05 Cutter
I snagged a EU copy - yes you can activate it with VPN and you don't need a VPN after it's activated - for $15 as people were saying the game was finally shaping up. I'd hate to see what it was like before. It's laggy as hell and still quite buggy. I'm utterly amazed there's no way to see/pick servers/see ping. No text chat, voice chat only, are you kidding me? Grindy as hell. The pay shop is fucking ridiculous with their prices. On and on it goes.

I didn't think it'd be this bad. But given that they say the game is still on track for private/local servers was the main reason I got it. I have zero clue what they were thinking with this. Perfect example of a game made by marketers who don't understand their target audience at all. Hines should be shitcanned over this. Any other sane company would have done so already.

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3. Re: Op Ed Jul 19, 2019, 22:30 gfunk
I don't get why people give this game any time, because there is nothing else? they recently started adding P2W items to the shop thought that would be bigger news  
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2. Re: Op Ed Jul 19, 2019, 19:20  Jivaro 
I think that this is all a bit late to the party.

There is nearly nothing negative you can say about this game that wasn't apparent months ago. Forget trying to improve the party...plan the funeral.
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1. Re: Op Ed Jul 19, 2019, 18:49 Acleacius
There's no way they have enough players, especially players they could trust.  
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