Out of the Blue

The opening ceremonies for Manstovia went off well. The grill grates were anointed with oil, and some newspaper was sacrificed to the fire gods in order to combust the oil, and after singing the Manstovia national anthem, I cooked up some chicken breasts, and a fine time was had by all (which was the two of us). Today's festivities will be a little more elaborate, as we will have actual guests. The occasion will serve as a bit of a wake for the Gunnar-man, as I am going to cook up a good portion of the vast supply of chicken wings that remained in our freezer after the passing of our beloved poodle. I'm sure he'd want it this way: Gunnar absolutely adored his chicken wings, and I know he wouldn't want them to go to waste.

Links on the Wing: Thanks Ant and RedEye9.
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