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GOG Galaxy Version 2.0 Beta announces plans for version 2.0 of GOG Galaxy, the optional client for their DRM-free game store. Of course, there are a lot of these clients vying for a spot on your hard drive, but this seeks to be the one client to rule them all. Word is: "With GOG GALAXY 2.0 we’re going further, offering all gamers an app that will combine all their games and gaming buddies, from PC and console platforms, in one place." If this is something that hold interest for you, head over to the GOG GALAXY Website and sign up for the beta for the chance to check it out prior to release. Here are more details:
There are two things that matter to all of us gamers: the games we play and the friends we play them with. But as more titles come with dedicated launchers and clients, our games and gaming buddies become scattered in between them. With GOG GALAXY 2.0, you’ll be able to combine multiple libraries into one and connect with your friends across all gaming platforms!

“As gamers, we need to juggle between multiple clients to access our games and see what our friends are playing,” says Piotr Karwowski, Managing Director at GOG. “We believe gamers deserve a better experience, and this became the driving force to redefine GOG GALAXY client,” Karwowski adds. “GOG GALAXY 2.0 is designed for all gamers and extends well beyond existing GOG.COM users, into both PC and console platforms.”

Once you connect GOG GALAXY 2.0 with other platforms, it will import all your games into one library. You will see your friends activities and online status across connected platforms. And it’s designed to protect your privacy – your data belongs to you and will never be shared with third parties. We see it as an all-in-one solution for the present-day gamer.

13. Re: GOG Galaxy Version 2.0 Beta May 23, 2019, 13:10  RedEye9 
ldonyo wrote on May 23, 2019, 13:05:
CJ_Parker wrote on May 23, 2019, 09:16:
They can't tell me that this consolidation shit is possible without a major level of "spying". They will at least have to access the same unprotected files in the Steam directory that people were so enraged about when EGS (after asking for consent) accessed them for friends list imports.

In this case it will be super OK for people, of course, because CD Projekt are the good guys. Just like no one has a problem to grant them access to their Steam profiles via GOG Connect.

Sure, if you take them at their word, CD Projekt might not sell any user data to share it with 3rd parties but with this kind of unified client they are definitely mining data big time for their own market research purposes.

I won't be touching that shit with a ten foot pole. Fuck all that spyware garbage from Windows 10 to Steam to GOG 2.0. Fuck it all...
Someone missed their yoga class this morning...
What you talkin about Willis.
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