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Out of the Blue

It was an interesting Game of Thrones finale... I feel like it's taking a while for me to digest it fully. I've seen reactions heaping both praise and criticism, and I guess it probably deserves some of each. But after lowered expectations over the past two seasons I did think it was much better executed than it could have been. I was quite worried it would be such a disappointment that it would feel like it ruined the whole run of the show, so I'm relieved that this was not my takeaway. It was a mixed bag, but I think overall I'm pretty satisfied. Am I wrong here? Was it as bad as some of the critics say?

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36. Re: Out of the Blue May 22, 2019, 19:09 Kxmode
jdreyer wrote on May 21, 2019, 16:01:
El Pit wrote on May 21, 2019, 02:45:
Kxmode wrote on May 21, 2019, 00:09:

Sorry, can't answer because of the way you structured your post. Too difficult. But you're wrong in many points and you ignore in some parts what I have already written and what is shown in the series itself (like "he sees the present". Nope. He himself says it in the series: "I can only see THE PAST.")

At least, you liked it. To each their own. And this season of GoT was at least not as bad as Star Wars episodes I and VIII. This gives me some hope that D&D can offer a new SW trilogy that will be hopefully alright. Not great, but not as horrible as SW I and SW VIII.

I stopped watching GoT after season 3. It was just too bleak.

As for D&D making a good Star Wars series, they better get a good team of screenwriters. Seems like GoT went downhill after they ran out of GRRM material.

Technically they didn't run out of material. They ran out of books. Season 7 and 8 come from extensive notes GRRM assembled for the book he'll eventually complete. Granted the show took liberties with more than a few character arcs, but the core stuff is likely to remain the same. Of course, GRRM might change things dramatically to regain fans who may have been turned off by the series or to basically "kill" D&D's version because, you know, it's George Martin.
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