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Op Ed - Valve Index asks for innovation without incentive.
"But cool technology comes at a cost, and not just a hefty price tag. In presenting the headset to the press, Valve representatives outlined three core pillars they felt were necessary for VR's success as an industry. High fidelity, which I've already mentioned, was one. The other two were low friction and affordability. And then, in one of the strangest pitches I've witnessed, Valve told us that the remaining two pillars of low friction and affordability were problems for another day and not what the company was concerning itself with for the Valve Index."


6. Re: Op Ed May 11, 2019, 09:42 HoSpanky
Cutter: I agree, thereís no killer app for VR yet. Thereís certainly some amazing stuff, but no oneís cracked the perfect control scheme. Keep in mind it took like a decade for there to be a GOOD FPS control scheme for consoles. Halo set the standard that is still largely unchanged today.

Jdreyer: the Indexís screen specs arenít markedly better, but the lighthouse tracking system and the knuckles controllers ARE. $1000 is a steep asking price for something that doesnít have the two highest-anticipated features: wireless and foveated rendering. Was hoping for at least ONE of those. Iím assuming that once the initial demand dies down and they have extra units, that price will come down.

I think Valve simply set out to make the best first-gen headset possible. Until we get wireless and eye tracking+foveation, it wonít matter what resolution or FOV a headset has, itíll still be first gen. I doubt itíll quite escape the niche market for quite a while; the cost just canít be subsidized enough to get high end VR to ďthe massesĒ. But then, motorcycles never got out of being a niche thing and there are a lot of successful companies in that field. Same with sail/motor boats. The catch, of course, is without mass adoption, big companies wonít invest nearly as much money in developing for it.

There are things like Boneworks and that Unity VR devkit that are working toward making development easier, but the risk/reward isnít really worth it for companies who depend on that income to survive. So we get passion projects, which are generally small in scope.

Maybe Valveís VR games will set the world on fire. The Lab was and still is a benchmark for what VR can accomplish.
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