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Out of the Blue

Here's a consequence of our plans to move the BlueTower to a townhouse. They have rules there against using charcoal, so I am going to have to give up my beloved grill and get a propane model for Manstovia. I'm not overjoyed about this, but I will do my best to make do. I've read that a lot of the distinctive grilled flavor is actually from vaporized drippings, rather than anything given off by the charcoal itself, but this is a theory I've been unwilling to test all these years. On the bright side, grilling with gas has convenience benefits, so there's that. Another positive is that my grill was banished from the deck by MrsBlue years ago, but in the new setup the deck is the only place to put it, which will add another layer of convenience to the process.

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13. Re: Out of the Blue May 7, 2019, 16:05 afka Rossini
Beamer wrote on May 7, 2019, 10:44:
PHJF wrote on May 7, 2019, 10:10:
Man why the fuck can't I just marathon Chernobyl???

Fuck you, HBO!

I'd be shocked if the streaming channels stick with large dumps for marathoning. It kills too much of their buzz. With Game of Thrones, they get 8-16 weeks of people talking about the show every single Monday. Everyone is synched together, so people talk and theorize a lot.

With Netflix shows, everything drops over a weekend. One person will stream the whole thing in that weekend. Another person will take a week to get through it all. Another person a month. None of these people can really talk to each other about it, because they're not synched and there are spoilers everywhere. So they won't talk much, won't theorize, won't guess at the plot, and the buzz for the show dies extremely quickly. Netflix had some buzzworthy shows when it first hit, due to it being novel, and it has Stranger Things (even the buzz there seems to die within about 4 weeks), but hasn't really broken through with anything else. I love Bojack, and was very positively surprised by Russian Doll, but feel like they're discussed less than more traditional (and worse) shows.

To your point about buzz, The Expanse was saved by the community built from the weekly release of each new episode. It'll be curious to see if Amazon continues that trend or drops the whole new season at once.

From the providers side, HBO will get two months worth of subscription out of me with GoT instead of one. Viva a la carte!
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