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Steam Adding Events and Renovating Game Libraries

During talk about Steam today at the Game Developers Conference, Valve announced plans for Steam that include an overhaul the appearance of game libraries and the addition of a communication element called Events (thanks Kxmode). Variety has details on the session, suggesting that some of what Valve is saying and doing is in response to the rapid inroads made by the fledgling Epic Games Store. They say: "While Valve’s talk Thursday never specifically mentioned Epic, it was clear the company was working to highlight the work it’s already done to establish itself in the market and the work it continues to do to make it easier for developers to stay engaged with their customers." Here's a bit on the new announcements:
Steam Events will be a new way for developers to communicate with their players through Steam. The idea is that developers can create a sort of call to action around specific in-game events. So when a big event is scheduled to go down in a game, Steam will allow developers to put all of that information into an Event in Steam which can be sent out to interested players. Events will feature all of the event details and even a button that allows players to automatically set reminders for the event through a calendar, Steam, email, or even a player’s phone.

“We want to build the foundation for a communication platform where all of the interesting things happening in a game finds its way to customers,” said Alden Kroll, product designer at Valve.

Events, which will go into open beta in the next couple of months, can include anything from an in-game event, to a tournament, live broadcast or major update. In one of the screenshots of the new feature shown off by Kroll, a page detailed all of the upcoming events of the week for a person’s purchased games on one page.

“We think of this as the way developers communicate with players through Steam,” Kroll said.

Another major change coming to Steam will overhaul the look of a person’s game library in Steam.

“When players come in to play a game, we’re going to keep that as easy as possible,” Kroll said. “This provides an opportunity for players to see what else is happening.”

6. Re: Steam Adding Events and Renovating Game Libraries Mar 21, 2019, 23:07 Squirmer
It's almost like competition is making Valve work harder.  
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