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Here's more from team green, as an article on the NVIDIA website has details on the project to add RTX ray-tracing effects to QUAKE II. The centerpiece is Quake 2 real-time path tracing using RTX, a new trailer showing how a 22 year-old game can benefit from a new coat of digital paint. Here's a bit on what we're seeing and how this differs from the previous such project:
Running on a Vulkan renderer, with support for Linux, Quake II RTX is a pure ray-traced game. That means all lighting, reflections, shadows and VFX are ray-traced, with no traditional effects or techniques utilized.

“But what’s new with Quake II RTX compared to Q2VKPT?”, you ask. A lot. We’ve introduced real-time, controllable time of day lighting, with accurate sunlight and indirect illumination; refraction on water and glass; emissive, reflective and transparent surfaces; normal and roughness maps for added surface detail; particle and laser effects for weapons; procedural environment maps featuring mountains, sky and clouds, which are updated when the time of day is changed; a flare gun for illuminating dark corners where enemies lurk; an improved denoiser; SLI support (hands-up if you rolled with Voodoo 2 SLI back in the day); Quake 2 XP high-detail weapons, models and textures; optional NVIDIA Flow fire, smoke and particle effects, and much more!


12. Re: QUAKE II RTX Mar 19, 2019, 17:05 Gib007
I'd play this on my 2080Ti. I hope it is available for download, at least eventually.  
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