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Op Ed

The New Yorker - The Division 2 and the Severing of Politics from Video Games.
"This sort of strategy—an eagerness to borrow the aesthetics and frisson of a political theme without addressing that theme explicitly—faces its own criticism, both from players and from those who work in the industry. Far Cry 5, a recent game from Ubisoft, was set in rural Montana, and saw you play as a local cop facing civil disobedience from a fanatical militia group. The substance of the game was similar to previous entries in the Far Cry series, which were set in places such as Africa, the Himalayas, and Micronesia, but in relocating to Trump-era America—a more proximate locale for much of the game’s audience—the game appeared to reflect current affairs. This, in turn, created an expectation that the game’s developers would supply a commentary that they did not, in fact, provide. For critics, exploiting only the superficial aspects of the setting was both opportunistic and a waste of a valuable platform. "

25. Re: Op Ed Mar 17, 2019, 11:02 Eirikrautha
Speaking out against racism and genocide isn't what those critical of game companies want, either. They want game companies to make direct, identifiable allegory in which the political ideas and figures they love (and hate) are readily identifiable. They want their own narrow, shallow American political opinions represented everywhere, so they can feel comfortable and safe in their intellectual hug-boxes. The Marvel comic a few years back where MODOC was drawn as Trump is their idea of "political" commentary: vapid, simplistic, and moralizing. They want other forms of media to portray their ideas as noble and good, just the way that they do themselves.

Understand, the asshats at the New Yorker make their living pandering to the dwindling subscriber base that not just shares their political ideas, but makes them the center of their entire being. These are the people that can't discuss the weather, sports, the last family picnic without wedging Trump, neo-nazis, or the "alt-right" in their discussion somewhere (we have a few of those pathetic types here on Blue's). They are the ultimate cultural colonists, expecting everyone else to care about their Western ideas of society, politics, gender, sex, etc. (see how they demand Japanese companies cater to western sensibilities... the very definition of cultural colonization). They put food on their table by making everything about American politics (with the occasional Brexit thrown in), so they expect everyone else to do the same. Game companies must sell products to be successful; journalists sell their own verbal diarrhea. So these writers get all upset that companies are unwilling to alienate a portion of their market just to virtue signal.

As Michael Jordan once said, "Republicans buy sneakers, too."
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