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Out of the Blue

Today is Ash Wednesday, so hats off (literally) for all who are celebrating. This means I forgot yesterday was Shrove Tuesday. So I missed Mardi Gras, and more tragically, Pancake Tuesday, as I love pancakes. Well, I blew my chance to get plastic beads for flashing my goods, but at least I can still get some pancakes, so I'll have to content myself with that.

R.I.P.: Jerry Merryman, 'brilliant' man who was an inventor of the calculator, dies. Thanks Boing Boing.

Pancaked Links: Thanks Ant.
Links: The Hot New ‘Doom’ Mod Is a Nightmare DIY Bathroom Renovation. Thanks Boing Boing.
Stories: Czech man mauled to death by lion he kept in back yard. The Florida man of Europe?
Women's cycling race forced to pause after lead rider catches men's race.
Science: NASA visualizes supersonic shockwaves in a new, awe-inspiring way.
Fast-Acting Depression Drug, Newly Approved, Could Help Millions.
Brain Surface Area Reveals Overlap in Genes, Intelligence, Evolution. Thanks Max.
Breakthrough process welds metal and glass together using ultrafast lasers. Thanks Max.
Media: Shade Away - Epic NPC Man (Annoying MMO Trolls and griefers).
Alien: Isolation Digital Series Trailer.
Watch Japan's Hayabusa2 Grab a Piece of an Asteroid in This Incredible Video.
Follow-up: Teen who defied anti-vax mom says she got false information from one source: Facebook.
Hipster whines at tech mag for using his pic to imply hipsters look the same, discovers pic was of an entirely different hipster.
The Funnies: Savage Chickens.

43. Re: Into the Black Mar 7, 2019, 08:20  Beamer 
Kxmode wrote on Mar 6, 2019, 20:41:
Beamer wrote on Mar 6, 2019, 18:44:
Millennials didn't raise themselves. Also, learn from history. People used to whine that Generation X was the worst ever. Old people whine about young people because to they're too lazy to do anything else.

Don't be a stereotype. And if your company is hiring bad employees, fix your hiring process.

I know you love being right, but I suspect you hate being wrong even more so let me stop you from going down the path you're taking.

In my "nothing is worse" anecdotes about Millennials never did I state laziness or bash their work ethic — quite the opposite. From first-hand observations, Millennials are hard working task-oriented individuals. There's a boom of creativity with all the new industries they've created like pro-streaming and professional gaming. They have also given us products like Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Twitter, Instagram, Uber and so forth. All of it birthed from an always-connected existence.

What I was noting in my posts was their total lack of knowledge of particular things combined with their lack of wanting to query persons who do know things. It has led to them discussing "gender neutrality," "cultural appropriation day," and now "what reaching age 30 is like" all of which are "nothing worse than" moments for me.

As a generation, they are equal parts Will Hunting and that bar guy Will owns with his apple metaphor. They invariably attempt to one-up each another with their head knowledge and get into little feuds over who's right and wrong, and boy do they love to prove the other wrong even when it is painfully obvious they have no idea of what they're talking about. That's where Millennials sit for me. I think rhetoric is making a strong come-back with this generation.

I know you hate reading, but I didn't say you called millennials lazy, I called you lazy for whining about them. Rather than understand them or work with them, you whine about them, because you're too lazy to do anything beyond whining about them.

There is nothing wrong with, or new about, people in their 20s being shell-shocked about hitting 30. You probably did it. If there's a woman in your life, she absolutely did it. Every single generation has done it. Every. Single. One.

And we all know you hate science, so your opinions on gender are based on your rudimentary understanding rather than science, but this makes you out to be the fossil (though I think you don't actually believe in fossils), not them being wrong.

Maybe you can understand them. Maybe you can adapt. More likely, you'll refuse to change with the times, stay stuck in your own ways, then wonder why your own promotions start slowing and why fewer people are interested in working with you. One day, when your company changes direction, they'll find you easy to shed in the layoff, because you haven't really contributed much in a decade and don't fit into the culture well. You no longer see eye-to-eye with management, and just mutter around about how everyone but you is too busy not knowing anything to ask you what you know.

This does not end well for you. The old person whining about young people never ends up well. You're not the future, they are. Old CEOs whining about young people see their companies struggle to hire as other companies offer more compelling visions. But old employees are even more screwed, as they just start getting passed over routinely for more likeable, better leaders that can actually connect with those around them. You can look inside yourself and change, or you can keep whining here about things that make you sound like Clint Eastwood (circa 2019, not circa 1972.) You're a step away from saying that they don't own homes because they enjoy avocado toast, while ignoring the 5-6 figure student loan debt other generations put upon them.

Music for the discerning:
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