DICE on Battlefield V's Future and Operation Sunrise

A new COMMUNITY BROADCAST 001 on the Battlefield Forums expresses DICE's commitment to Battlefield V and a new approach they are taking to the Live Service for the military shooter. They admit to the game's rocky launch and the work they've done since them before looking forward, saying, "The team here is very passionate about this game, and we all want to deliver beyond your expectations. So today we are going to talk a little bit about something we are calling Operation Sunrise." They promise more such community broadcasts, more high quality communication, and additional effort to improve gameplay with future updates. Here's a bit on that last topic:
Updating games has been a part of gaming for many years and with Battlefield V we’re pushing ourselves even harder in order to improve and tweak your gameplay experience.

With the introduction of bi-weekly updates we’ve come a long way from the quarterly updates that were released for the likes of Battlefield 4. We’re also committed to making changes via our backend server tools. While not everything can be carried out via this method, more and more of our updates are being worked on behind the scenes.

These backend tweaks can range from ongoing server maintenance to adjusting the game itself. Just recently we made some tweaks which changed the requirements of assignments as well as stat tracking within Combined Arms.

Both of these changes came directly from community feedback and as the game continues to evolve, your feedback will be a significant driving force behind it. Please do keep it coming.
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Re: DICE on Battlefield V's Future and Operation Sunrise
Mar 2, 2019, 10:31
Re: DICE on Battlefield V's Future and Operation Sunrise Mar 2, 2019, 10:31
Mar 2, 2019, 10:31
Ozmodan wrote on Mar 2, 2019, 08:19:
Ray tracing is strictly a gimmick at this stage and don't get me started what a disaster DLSS is. Turning ray tracing on in any game is an immediate halving of your performance and if it supports DLSS get ready for the bluring.

It is certainly a gimmick in BF V but in general its pretty promising. That said I'm not sure how it's ever going to make it into more AAA releases without being implemented on the next gen consoles. DLSS is interesting because it has significant performance benefits and when implemented properly it's convincing. The trouble is that it needs to be manually tuned for each game, at least at this point. Many of the things Hardware Unboxed and GN posted about in Metro Exodus/BF V have already been fixed for example. On the other hand I'm not sure I want to rely on Nvidia manually tuning drivers for each game. Who knows how long they keep that up? Especially for older cards as the years go on.

Back on topic, BF V was a huge disappointment to me and I doubt they can redeem it with content patches or updates. The gunplay is the best feature but other than that everything else feels worse than previous iterations. Map design was a huge step backward, several boring and unimaginative levels made even worse by the fact that WWII has so many interesting conflicts for them to use. Weapon unlock and customization is annoying and made worse by several shitty specs and the worst UI since the original 1942 entry. They can't seem to get the TTK/TTD right and this is made more glaring by unchecked hackers due to their ridiculous and ineffectual stats based anti-cheat system. There's also no rented servers so you can't even admin your own servers to help control that nonsense. The amount of control they give the client in this is absurd, I was in a server last month where someone was just nuking everyone from spawn.

I also could not believe how few vehicles the engine can accommodate. It does not feel like a BF game at all. In their quest for ever more ridiculous levels of landscape detail they somehow neutered the amount of vehicles a level can have by more than half, this was confirmed by a Dice employee even. As a result you do way too much running around and it feels more like a CoD mod half the time.

I don't care about the social/political nonsense surrounding the games release, for me its just a really poor BF game. Dice really let me down with this one and need to do better in the future. Stop reinventing the wheel with features and netcode, build on your existing bases. It's getting utterly ridiculous that they are rebuilding and reimplementing the same features every single fucking release.
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