DICE on Battlefield V's Future and Operation Sunrise

A new COMMUNITY BROADCAST 001 on the Battlefield Forums expresses DICE's commitment to Battlefield V and a new approach they are taking to the Live Service for the military shooter. They admit to the game's rocky launch and the work they've done since them before looking forward, saying, "The team here is very passionate about this game, and we all want to deliver beyond your expectations. So today we are going to talk a little bit about something we are calling Operation Sunrise." They promise more such community broadcasts, more high quality communication, and additional effort to improve gameplay with future updates. Here's a bit on that last topic:
Updating games has been a part of gaming for many years and with Battlefield V we’re pushing ourselves even harder in order to improve and tweak your gameplay experience.

With the introduction of bi-weekly updates we’ve come a long way from the quarterly updates that were released for the likes of Battlefield 4. We’re also committed to making changes via our backend server tools. While not everything can be carried out via this method, more and more of our updates are being worked on behind the scenes.

These backend tweaks can range from ongoing server maintenance to adjusting the game itself. Just recently we made some tweaks which changed the requirements of assignments as well as stat tracking within Combined Arms.

Both of these changes came directly from community feedback and as the game continues to evolve, your feedback will be a significant driving force behind it. Please do keep it coming.
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Re: DICE on Battlefield V's Future and Operation Sunrise
Mar 2, 2019, 02:20
Re: DICE on Battlefield V's Future and Operation Sunrise Mar 2, 2019, 02:20
Mar 2, 2019, 02:20
Been having a great time with it but I imagine the PC version is a nightmare of compatibility and cheaters. I'm sure there are mouse emulator dudes on console but I can handle them with positioning and teamwork, hackers just ruin servers. Got family and friends to play with on XBOX and it runs like a dream if you ignore the infinite load bugs that hit now and then.

I'm guessing I'm in the minority though. Only half a dozen full conquest games in my region at night. Guessing this is the last one of these they do for a while, unless they make some kind of new amazing change in direction, like Modern Warfare did for COD.

I would love them to lean into a more sim-like vision, and there are hints of that with the quick TTK and nerfing/limiting of team spotting. It still feels like an early 2000's shooter in all the best and worst ways at times and maybe people just don't want that anymore. It's like everyone ignored the best bits of PUBG, which were the bits where it was like ARMA with gunplay and movement.

Netcode seems great though. Playing with mates 600-3000km from the server and there is minimal visual nonsense or moments where you feel you got robbed. That alone makes me not nostalgic at all for the old games.
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Re: DICE on Battlefield V's Future and Operation Sunrise
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