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Morning Consolidation

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3. Re: Morning Consolidation Oct 9, 2018, 16:45 jacobvandy
A lot of people seem to think that they're changing STW monetization for when it goes F2P... But it's not like that's a decision they've made mid-stream, it was always the plan to be F2P at release, following the paid early access period. Why would they do it this way in the first place, then, if they knew it would be changing in 12-18 months?

Besides, the plain truth is that they don't hand out v-bucks any more liberally than any other F2P game's premium currency. You can get a few thousand the first week or two, but as always, then you're left with a trickle of maybe a few hundred per week (hard-earned, playing every single day), which some people will feel is too slow and pay money for more... There are already loads of people who do that now, they've spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on Save the World piñatas. Why would they do that, if Epic is supposedly so generous with v-bucks now that they won't be able to make money when it goes F2P? Because they aren't and they will. Nothing is gonna change.
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2. Re: Morning Consolidation Oct 9, 2018, 11:58 HoSpanky
Lol @ that Fortnite bundle. Doesn’t include Save The World. I guess it’s going F2P sometime soon, so maybe that’s why.

They’ll have to redo how v-bucks are earned, then, since STW hands them out at a pretty high rate, and since all the kiddos are v-buck crazy for BR, STW has kids who are JUST in it for the v-bucks. They’re god fucking awful at the actual game.

It may be why STW has marginalized v-bucks. You can totally have a great variety of weapons and characters, without using any v-bucks. It now has two OTHER forms of currency, earned just by playing the game. Also, at a surprisingly generous rate. If they remove v-bucks from STW, it’ll MURDER player count. But if STW becomes f2p, their income is going to take a nosedive. Maybe they’ll still have a way to pay to get into a “premium” tier that works as the game currently does?

Edit: So yeah, I play a lot of STW. It’s pretty fun, although it takes a while to ramp up into a challenge. You can always bump up a mission’s difficulty for a tougher fight and higher rewards. It feels like an RPG-lite shooter, where you only need 20-30 minutes to play thru a mission.
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1. Re: Morning Consolidation Oct 9, 2018, 11:26 Lorcin
I need borderlands 2 on rift!  
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