GOG.Com 10th Anniversary Giveaway Selection

The GOG.Com Website celebrates the tenth anniversary of this online store dedicated to selling DRM-free games, offering this trailer to revel in the occasion. Part of the festivities will be one of their signature giveaways, and they are providing us the chance to select which game will be released for free on October 4th. The three nominees are Shadow Warrior 2, Superhot, and Firewatch. They also have other reasons to rejoice, as they now feature the return of the Soldier of Fortune series, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, and the DRM-free release of Stellaris, and, of course, and anniversary sale. Here's word:
So it's been a decade. Ten years of friendships that'll last us forever, ten years with the most vivacious community of gamers, and above all ten years of unconfined DRM-free delight.

Let's mark this moment with a look back at the past and indulge in stories from our friends in this walk of life. Oh, and we've got your anniversary present to talk about!

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