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Evening Metaverse

19. Re: Evening Metaverse Jul 19, 2018, 10:07 Task
Beamer wrote on Jul 19, 2018, 08:29:
By "Iraq War," I assume you mean the weapons of mass destruction, correct? That wasn't fake news! It was a lie from the government, but not fake news by the MSM. We had no strong reason to doubt what was being said, no evidence to the contrary, and no way to get any evidence to the contrary. On issues like this, the government will always be the sole source. That they lied is shitty, but you can't blame the MSM for their lie. How should the MSM have handled it? There was literally no way for them to prove this incorrect, and nothing other than gut feelings, which not even everyone had. Contrast that with, say, inauguration crowds, which had multiple sources and images to prove government lies.

Fake News is such a dumb term. Let's call it by what it is, propaganda or the willful spread, ignorant or not of said government propaganda in the case of wars.

I think you know full well that the MSM can be blamed in those instances for regurgitating what the government says. How would the media or people know? If the government were a person, are their lips moving? They're probably lying. Think about any interference in a country or war the U.S. has committed to since the end of WW2 BEFORE even Iraq, a good portion of them all started with obfuscation of facts (twisting intelligence to fit a narrative), outright lies, and 'false flag' incidents. It has been the U.S. government's basic M.O. almost every single time.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me thrice, shame on both of us.

Here is a very clear example: The "Nayirah Testimony" of 1990 is famous for being the most sophisticated propaganda at that time, which was aired to millions of Americans. George Bush Sr. repeated the lies numerous times and helped stir Americans, yet again, in participation of war (1st Gulf War).

There were people at that time sounding alarms for the second Iraq War too, but Americans were suckered in for some red hot killin' time after 9/11 and were easily manipulated. The media, as the Fourth Estate, is supposed to be impartially holding the government's feet to the fire regardless of which party is in power, but it just isn't that way anymore. Trump's air campaigns in the Middle East have killed scores more civilians than orders under Obama, but do we get to hear about that in our nightly news? How many times have Americans been deceived about interfering in Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, and Libya? Plenty.

But anyways I agree with the infowars stuff. People like Alex Jones are charlatans and fantasy land crap like Lizard People. I just don't agree that the media can't be held accountable for spreading government lies, whether its Trumps Faux Noise or MSNBC.
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