Fortnite 5.0 Kicks Off Season 5

The new update is now live in Fortnite, bringing Epic's survival shooter to version 5.0 and kicking off the game's fifth season. The Season 5 announce trailer shows off what's new and the version 5.0 patch notes have all the details. This trailer takes a look at the new Season 5 Battle Pass which offers 100 tiers and over 100 rewards in exchange for 950 V-Bucks. Here are the changes to the Battle Royale mode which is the free-to-play tail that wags this big dog:

  • Shotguns will now indicate how many pellets hit, visible within the reticle.
  • Adjusted shotgun spread patterns to be consistent with no random variation.
  • Heavy Shotgun now fires 10 pellets rather than 5.
    • Maximum damage for the Heavy Shotgun remains unchanged.
  • After firing a shotgun, another shotgun cannot be fired for a very short time.
  • Reduced Hunting Rifle aim assist when targeting to match that of other Sniper Rifles with projectile bullets.
  • Lowered the vehicle knockback strength on Grenade, Sticky Grenade, Grenade Launcher, and Rocket Launcher.
  • Tac and Silenced SMG environmental damage now correctly matches player damage.
  • Changed the damage drop-off profile for the Suppressed SMG to be the same as other SMGs.
    • Fall off starts at 24 meters from 28 meters.
    • Damage reduced to 80% at 35 meters from 85% at 47.5 meters.
    • Damage reduced to 65% at 50+ meters from 75% at 70+ meters.


  • All Terrain Kart (ATK)
    • The new All Terrain Kart (ATK) has room for your entire squad.
    • Get a speed boost after drifting.
    • The roof acts as a bounce pad.
    • Work together as rear passengers to leap over obstacles with the All Terrain Kart (ATK). Lean back and release at the same time for a higher jump.
      • Lean back by holding S on keyboards or holding back on the thumbstick for controllers.
  • Map Updated
    • New Biome: Desert
    • New Location: Paradise Palms
    • New Location: Lazy Links
    • A few unnamed POIs have also appeared across the island.
    • Minimap Updated
  • The center of Storm circles 7, 8, and 9 can now shift in random directions (instead of simply shrinking). As the storm closes in, it will move & shrink to the new location.
  • Starting in Season 5, progressive challenges will no longer be restricted to a single season. You can now complete progressive challenges at your own pace.
  • Progressive challenges are now completed by acquiring a fixed amount of XP and is no longer dependant on your season level.
  • Gyro/motion controls have been added to the Nintendo Switch. Adjust these options in the Settings menu.
  • Weekly challenges are now split into two sections, free and Battle Pass. The first 3 challenges will be available for free while the last 4 are only available if you own the Battle Pass. The threshold to unlock the weekly challenge reward will remain at 4.
  • Down But Not Out players now have smaller collision. Previously their collision was at the standing height which blocked DBNO players from crawling under doors and blocked building collision in some cases.
    • Players that were crouching when knocked Down But Not Out will be returned to a crouching state upon revival.
  • Emoting will now interrupt sprinting.
  • You now earn XP for reviving teammates in 50v50 and Teams of 20 LTMs up to three times per match (30XP, 10XP, 10XP).
  • Weapon reticle will now fade slightly when reloading, out of ammo, or changing weapons.
  • The player camera can now see out of the water when walking in lakes.

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Re: Fortnite 5.0 Kicks Off Season 5
Jul 12, 2018, 18:06
Re: Fortnite 5.0 Kicks Off Season 5 Jul 12, 2018, 18:06
Jul 12, 2018, 18:06
Great to see things continually changing, however IMO:

They need more unique LTM modes like the Thanos gametype.

Stop nerfing shotguns and double pump.

Burst rifles need love.

Stop lowering the skill ceiling and catering to noobs. This isn't that dead Realm Royal game.

They need to fix 50v50 v3 server performance, it's been 3 weeks now and it's still laggy AF and they don't seem to be interested in fixing it. Their support is just an auto response and the forums are beyond useless as they are just full of posts about skins, memes, streamers and other fanboy BS.

Agent.X7 wrote on Jul 12, 2018, 10:20:
The BR mode is the most popular because it is free, but the PVE stuff is way better, IMO. It also got an update, but because you have to pay to access it, there are far fewer players and less media coverage. My girlfriend and I have gotten addicted recently, which is awesome because after the first few stages of the alpha I didn't relly like the direction it was going but now it seems to be back on track during early access.

I highly doubt it. The PVE mode should be free sometime this year and i bet it still won't have a tiny fraction of the amount of players as the BR game. PVE mode felt bland and repetitive (dungeon defenders was 100x better), without the BR mode to support it would have probably been canned by now. It didn't sell well at all.
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   Re: Fortnite 5.0 Kicks Off Season 5
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