IDGA Urges Social Media Guidelines After ArenaNet Firings

The recent firing of two ArenaNet writers over Twitter exchanges prompts the International Game Developers Association to step up with a blog post from their executive director strongly urging that members clarify guidelines for social media use for both professional and personal accounts (thanks PC Gamer). Here's a bit:
Two ArenaNet employees were recently fired because of their interactions with community members on social media. This incident makes very clear the perils of social media for game developers, especially when transparent and well-understood guidelines for staff members are not in place. Often, game developers love engaging with their player base, and the interactions can be very helpful for both the developers and players. However, without clear information from an employer on social media use, interacting with people as a game developer can jeopardize someone’s job and career, and even their personal safety.

The IGDA strongly encourages its members, both as individuals and as studios and partners, to clarify the guidelines and expectations around social media use, both in professional and personal accounts.

Game developers are also frequently targeted for harassment, particularly if they are members of under-represented communities. Companies must plan for how they will support their staff members in the event of online harassment, and should clearly communicate the resources they will make available to their team to have safe, productive, and positive interactions online, especially if they are expected to do so in their roles.
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Re: IDGA Urges Social Media Guidelines After ArenaNet Firings
Jul 12, 2018, 03:48
Re: IDGA Urges Social Media Guidelines After ArenaNet Firings Jul 12, 2018, 03:48
Jul 12, 2018, 03:48
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Icewind wrote on Jul 10, 2018, 19:11:
Simple fact is that Jessica Price was warned before in a previous job that she shouldn't mouth off on social media, but she did. Multiple times.

Another fact is that she brags about blocking people, but instead of blocking the person she argued with, she continued arguing with him over a couple days.

Also, if you read the logs, you'd see that the person she was arguing with was very respectful and understanding, she is just a narcissist that felt slighted.

Did you bother to read the logs? He was being very condescending. There was zero respect in any of his threads and his lack of understanding was why it got out of hand. Granted she should have never responded and let it get out of hand like that.

yeah we can read, not sure you can, if that's what you think the log says, either that or you didn't bother to read it all.

Speaking of reading, I can't even click on the links
"Invalid Host name" - DNS does not resolve

Does that go to actual sites or am I left wondering what is behind those links?

They're working here but it's a mess.
Not really sure what I'm supposed to be seeing there.
Doesn't appear to be the original dude whose comment kicked this off.
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