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Op Ed - ArenaNet sends all the wrong messages.
"First, to ArenaNet developers and would-be applicants: The company will not go to bat for you against the fanbase if they decide they don't like you. Your employment with the company will always be precarious. ArenaNet will not hesitate to throw you under the bus for having the audacity to be annoyed by people telling you how to do your job, or for simply sticking up for a co-worker who does the same.

To misogynist trolls: Guild Wars 2 is a welcoming place for you. Your tactics are valid and effective. Please continue harassing women and minorities out of the industry because ArenaNet doesn't want them here enough to support them when it is in any way inconvenient.

To Guild Wars 2 players: You are the most important thing to ArenaNet. What you say, goes. ArenaNet doesn't particularly care if your anger will embolden an internet hate campaign, or what horrible repercussions might come from unconditional subservience to your apparent whims. Just please stop yelling."


11. Re: Op Ed Jul 9, 2018, 23:50 Squirmer
I don't think the devs should have been fired (even GW2 players were very surprised when this happened) but these opinion pieces do seem to ignore just how out of line the dev was. If you jump down someone's throat for politely offering an opinion, there will be some consequences. If the 'rando asshat' had been abusing her, I'm sure there wouldn't have been a problem with the reaction. But he wasn't.  
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