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3. Re: It Came from E3 2018, Part 7 Jun 15, 2018, 17:20 jacobvandy
Well, I can't speak to the "vibe" of being there in person, but MS put on the best 90-minute show by a fair margin. I can understand why Xbox owners might be disappointed because there were only a few real exclusives (and of those Halo was barely an announcement/teaser), but they showed tons of new games and paid handsomely to ensure a lot of them were first-time reveals.

Sony had some cool stuff, too, but their experimental theater bullshit translated very poorly to the online stream where the vast majority of people were watching, while also taking time away from showing the actual games. For that reason, I'd probably rank them second-to-last in front of EA. Why they felt it was a good idea to waste 10 minutes on the mobile abomination that is the new Command & Conquer is beyond me... But otherwise, the most interesting announcement out of there came from the fucking audience, lol.

Bethesda was solid. A bit of a rocky start with that awkward Andrew WK performance and 80% of their speakers being really, really bad at speaking, but RAGE 2 looks great, new DOOM is going Hell on Earth, and king of the nerds Todd Howard probably should just handle the whole thing from now on with how much he killed it in the latter half.

I mentioned here before how my favorite parts of the Ubisoft show were related to further Nintendo cross-overs, but the Division 2 and AC:Odyssey are looking good to me as well. It was kind of neat to see some legit celebrities there on stage, but also weird because what they're bringing to the table seems gimmicky. Frodo is trying to make FMV games cool again and that man-child from Inception is crowd-sourcing BG&E 2 assets.. But they gave away For Honor for free, so that's cool, I guess. Another overall solid showing.

Seemed to be a good amount of whinging at the Nintendo showcase since they focused so much on the new Smash Bros. instead of announcing new things, but I think people forget that E3 is really not that important to them in terms of announcements. They have the same exact sort of direct-to-streaming news reels several times a year, and the last one in March or April had done the SSB reveal leading up to the deep-dive and tournament this week. So spreading it all out like this makes it seem less impactful as a whole, but they really are having a very good second year for the Switch and there could be even more in store for the fall.

I noticed Square-Enix had their own similar stream on the schedule for the first time this year, but it was mostly just more details on games already shown by Microsoft the day before. I was hoping for a peek at the upcoming Avengers game, but they didn't even mention it! Sheeit...

Good - Microsoft
Okay - Bethesda, Ubisoft, Nintendo
Bad - Sony, EA, Square-Enix

Oh yeah, the PC Gaming Show, LOL. Uh, I'm glad it's still there, and some mid-tier independent guys like Tripwire and Coffee Stain get some attention, but it might as well not be. A major sponsor was notably absent, so they had to bring on the Drake's Cakes duck mascot and a mouthy female co-host in a mini-skirt to dance with him, and most of the games shown had paid for the privilege... Maybe let's put that in its own 'Ugly' category.

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