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25. Re: etc., etc. May 27, 2018, 11:01 Beamer
thecakeisalie wrote on May 26, 2018, 20:00:
Beamer wrote on May 26, 2018, 18:18:
thecakeisalie wrote on May 26, 2018, 16:22:
Hey if you people want to play female bionic commandos wearing Celtic woad warpaint in a game set in WW2, fill your boots. I'm not buying it and I said why. Instead of just letting my comment sit, you felt a need to ridicule me for it. Stay classy.

You said it "panders to sjws," a ridiculous comment as we don't know what the plot is. You also said it was another game that did so, also ridiculous because so few do.

People like you are just overly sensitive and looking to be offended. Does a game have a female? Clearly it's pandering. why, in your day, women knew well enough to leave the vidja game to us men folk. Today, they don't know their place!

I have no problem with female protagonists in video games. I own a bunch of them and enjoy them. I have female characters in some MMOs. Those are fantasy games or alternative history. I'm just tired of games that claim to be an "authentic WW-whatever experience", first COD WW2 and now this game, that feel an absolute need to rewrite history to be politically correct based on today's standards and not the standards of the period they are set in.

Personally, I don't understand what drives this agenda on almost every level in this industry now. But hey, you know, string me up for having a viewpoint that differs from yours. Whatever. This comment board is full of people who love to play holier-than-thou and crucify others who have differing opinions even resorting to pretty immature personal attacks. So be it. I'm done wasting my time.

Again, you're looking to be offended. They said they put fun over authentic, and in your attempt to be angry at something, you heard "authentic."

Sorry, you can't cry "personal attacks!" when you say "I won't buy the game because the devs pander to SJWs!" What makes you think personal attacks are unfair when you say people who like this are "SJWs" and people who make this are "pandering?"

You're making attacks, based on incorrect information and unfair assumptions. You're trying to be offended. And, when called out, you try to be a victim. "Agenda." Bullshit, you just don't like being pandered to, and can't fathom why any industry would try to appeal beyond the straight white male. You've always known it to be the way it is, and any change means you're a victim!

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