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Boss Key Closed

A tweet from Cliff Bleszinski announces that Boss Key Studios has come to the end of the line (thanks RedEye9). He notes that Radical Heights gained more traction than the unsuccessful LawBreakers, but that the battle royale game was too late to save to company, though he does say that the Radical Heights servers will remain online for the time being. Here's the post, in which he thanks supporters, and says he needs to take a break from the business:
As of today, Boss Key Productions is effectively no more.

Four years ago I set out to make a world class video game studio and I hired some of the best talent in the videogame industry. They worked tirelessly to produce quality products and, while we had our ups and downs, I'd like to think we had fun doing it. LawBreakers was a great game that unfortunately failed to gain traction, and, in a last ditch effort we scrambled to do our own take on the huge battle royale genre with Radical Heights which was well received, however, it was a little too late.

As for myself, I'm going to take some time off and reflect. I need to focus on myself and family as well as my Aussie, Teddy, who is slowly fading from us. Videogames will forever be a part of who I am and I hope to make something new again someday, however, I need to withdraw and take this time.

To those who have supported myself and the studio these last for years, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and everyone who came to work for me.
Please note that the servers for Radical Heights will remain up for the near future.

Thanks again,


26. Re: Boss Key Closed May 14, 2018, 23:04 Dirwulf
Kxmode wrote on May 14, 2018, 18:52:
Creston wrote on May 14, 2018, 17:48:
we scrambled to do our own take on the huge battle royale genre with Radical Heights which was well received

Nobody should ever give this asshole a dime ever again.

Are you always this bitter? Even when a studio closes and dozens of people lose their jobs, you express vitriolic cynicism. Sad.

Cutter was briefly possessing Creston.
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