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Saturday Legal Briefs

15. Re: Saturday Legal Briefs Mar 4, 2018, 14:49 jdreyer
You probably won't come back and read this, but if you're interested in discussing this, here goes:
WaltC wrote on Mar 3, 2018, 20:27:
Next stupid thing we'll see is the (D)ummies wanting to shut down the automakers for making the cars that kill ~300% more Americans each year than the number of Americans who use firearms to kill each other annually.
Cars are regulated. You must have a license. You must have insurance. You must pass a comprehensive test before you're legally allowed to use it. Cars are taxed annually. Applying these rules to guns would be a good start.

That being said, motor vehicles are a necessary pillar of our modern economy with a multitude of uses and aren't specifically designed for killing. Guns are.

And the hoot of it is, the NRA doesn't even manufacture or sell guns!...;) But putting the lie to the whole thing, not even the (D)ummies want to start putting guns on trial or "executing" firearms or imprisoning them for 40 years +.
I have no idea what you're talking about. Citation, please.

Nope--when you pull the idiot-level, brainless, (D)ummy-party politics of mindless, unthinking fear out of the situation, even the (D)ummies admit the truth that people kill people--not guns, cars, knives, baseball bats, bricks, airplanes or any other inanimate object routinely used in our civilization for purposes other than murder. If we banned the whole of modern civilization, in fact, and went back to living in caves, and regressed backwards into 40-year average lifespans again--people would still be murdering people--with rocks, or even their bare hands. The problem is lawless, heartless, stupid or sick *people*--the objects they use to murder are blameless, imo.
By this logic there is no point in restricting any weapons. People should be able to own fully automatic weapons, grenade launchers, anti-tank weapons, and nuclear weapons. Agree? People kill people, not weapons. Hell, if we opoened these weapons up to the general public, the cost per weapon would go way down via economies of scale allowing us to better equip the military. Win, win!

The gun genie has been out of the bottle globally for *millennia*, literally. Think some lunatic (D)ummy-party politician can put that genie back in the bottle? Not going to happen. Hey, they've been trying to put the nuclear genie back in the bottle for 50 years +--and there are more nukes today than ever--and many of them are now in the hands of nutters like Fat Boy in North Korea, etc.
See, when you talk out of your ass you just embarrass yourself. Global nuclear weapons peaked at 70,000 in the mid-eighties and have fallen to about 15,000 today.

The global firearms genie would be 1000X more difficult to put back into the bottle than the nuke genie for obvious reasons. Nope, the only thing that will happen is that the crazy, homicidal nutters among us will own the guns, which they will cheerfully buy on an illegal black market and then law-abiding people will stand defenseless before them. It just doesn't get anymore stupid than that, imo. Apparently, the crazy (D)ummies would have voted for prohibition, too! No doubt about it--but these sorts of people never learn that often the quickest way to get people to do something is to forbid them from doing it. Human nature 101. But it's worse than that.
Except countries like Japan and Australia have put the firearm genie back in the bottle. And please show me the Dem legislation that prohibits all firearms. Seriously, stop listening to Alex Jones.

I can scarcely believe that the school in Florida actually hired a paid security guard but would not let him have a gun for his own self-defense or the defense of the students! What whack-jobs signed onto that negligent policy? So, predictably, the nutter with a gun had a field day murdering defenseless school students, teachers, and even the unarmed security guard who was just shot to death on the spot! (Who without his own gun was as useless as tits on a boar hog that fateful day)!
The security guard at Stoneman Douglas high was armed. But he failed to act. Armed guards are obviously an unreliable solution.

That's what gun-free zones do! They attract nutters like this! This nutter who passed his "background check" when he surely should have failed it, and then the el-whacko FBI, warned a month in advance and given the nutter's name, for cryin' out loud, decided to chase phantom Russians instead of stopping a mass murder inside the US it was within their power to have short-circuited!
The jury is still out as to whether gun free zones attract mass shootings or not. I thought this was interesting though:
Using these categories, Klarevas examined 111 shootings since 1966 in which six or more people had been killed in each incident -- regardless of whether it occurred in a public or private location or if it was in the commission of another crime.
He found 13 took place in gun-free zones and five took place in gun-restricting zones. That means that the majority occurred in areas where there was no evidence that private guns were prohibited.
Did ya' hear about the armed Sheriff's deputy who was *too scared* to go after the shooter after he was called from the school? My God, this situation has as much to do with the NRA as a nurses' union in a hospital has to do with the prevalence of cancer! Law enforcement, both federal and state, failed multiple times--in Florida. It's absolutely shameful. The school failed miserably to protect its teachers and students with a rational defense policy which recognized that the only way to protect against armed intruders is with armed guards! Lots of people are dead because of sheer (D)ummy party stupidity playing politics with people's lives.
How is this the Dems fault exactly? FL is completely controlled by Republicans and has some of the most permissive gun laws in the USA. And the fact that the deputy failed to act is an argument against armed guards. They're unreliable.

You know, (D)ummies love to talk about utopia and pie-in-the-sky. But they despise and loathe reality. And until the (D)ummies get smart, innocent Americans are going to be murdered by nutters simply because the (D)ummy party in America cannot face the reality that people kill people--regardless of the tools they use--and that steps need to be taken to defend vulnerable targets (like the insane idiocy of gun-free school/government/anywhere zones!), and government policing institutions like the FBI need to start doing their jobs again instead of serving as useless political shills for (D)ummy-party misanthropes!

Please show me the country, state, area, or region that increased gun ownership and permissibility while simultaneously reducing gun violence. In the USA, statistics show quite the opposite: stricter gun laws correlate to lower firearm deaths (article).

Lastly, where do you get your info? You were blatantly wrong on several points. You should fact-check yourself before posting.
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The only thing that flat-earthers have to fear is sphere itself.
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