Star Citizen Website Relaunches, Offers New Trailer

The Roberts Space Industries Website has relaunched, offering an enhanced homebase for Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium's upcoming crowdfunded space game. They explain the goal of the renovation is to provide visitors "a more intuitive experience and stronger branding for all three pillars of the game’s development." The latest post offers a new trailer from Squadron 42 called "Welcome to the Coil." Here's a bit on what that means: "This week, we present our latest Squadron 42 feature. Take an in-depth look at the foreboding, mysterious Coil, and the design challenges our devs had to overcome while bringing this distinctive setting to life in the game."

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Re: Star Citizen Website Relaunches, Offers New Trailer
Jan 27, 2018, 04:34
Re: Star Citizen Website Relaunches, Offers New Trailer Jan 27, 2018, 04:34
Jan 27, 2018, 04:34
mellis wrote on Jan 26, 2018, 16:34:
I never get the hate over this title. What they're trying to achieve and what they have achieved is such a feat of computer engineering that it's frankly mind blowing from a technical perspective.

Spoken like the typical SC cultist.

What exactly is "mind blowing from a technical perspective"?

It is not hard to make something look pretty (especially when it runs like ass as a result). It is also not exactly mind blowing when their "MMO" still only supports -at the very most- a dozen players per instance before you start getting insane lag spikes and disconnects.

And that is with currently ZERO actual gameplay systems installed. Complex gameplay systems like the advertised super-detailed economy, smuggling, bounty-hunting, exploration, recon, multicrewing capital ships etc. etc. etc. will put shitloads of additional stress on all of the systems involved (constant checking of parameters, mission generation on the fly when certain conditions are met, millions of AI agents blahblahblah... it's insane what they have promised).

So, on a technical level the game has developed exactly as predicted by the "haters". Even this barebone tech demo version with zero gameplay systems runs like shit. They will never manage to make it a true MMO with hundreds of people in the same space at the level of fidelity that they have been advertising all the time.

Single player Squadron 42 (if ever completed) will surely be one hell of a fine looking game and it will hopefully have all the fidelity and features we have been hoping for. That's the easy part though and no one ever doubted that they can pull it off. It's single player. It's easy as pie. Just takes time and resources to build something amazing looking...
Talking 'bout time... it would have been cool if we actually would have gotten that game in 2014 or at the latest 2016 (as advertised via the S42 trailers).

Star Citizen, the online game, is a whole different ballpark and so far they have run (and not overcome) the exact technical hurdles that all the oh-so evil "haters" have seen coming from light years away.

I mean, anyone with a fraction of knowledge of tech should know that you can not have the advertised fidelity and a MMO at the same time.
You would have to create a tech beyond the speed of light where the bits and bytes travel from server to client and client to client in an instance via metaphysical teleporting. Not gonna happen. Christ Roberts is never going to defeat the laws of physics.

Latency is not an anti-SC conspiracy theory but a scientific fact. And when you have to account for people in Zimbabwe playing the game at 600ms latency with someone in the US at 20ms latency then that will always pose huge issues when you are trying to have a game with super-realistic physics like damage models and all of the "FIDELITEH" shit they have promised.
All that stuff will never be working at the level they have advertised due to scientific, physically existing realities of server/client infrastructures (including basic, simple things such as cable or wireless connections from A to B that impose a limit on the speed at which bits and bytes can travel).

Christ Roberts know this exactly, of course. He's just stringing people along because why not? It's giving his life a purpose and a nice pay check every month.
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