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5. Re: Morning Mobilization Dec 28, 2017, 15:19 Devinoch
ledhead1969 wrote on Dec 28, 2017, 11:57:
Back on point, the Uber drivers I have all work for multiple ride sharing services, most have other jobs and do Uber for quick/extra cash. They were bummed about the fare reductions that Uber instituted to drive the taxi businesses out but that was just good business and the taxi companies couldn't fight it off. Maybe unfairly as they can't manage their fares but they could improve service, the quality of the cars, etc.

I guess there was a shitty corporate culture but no driver ever mentioned that (which makes sense as I could be a secret passenger or something to them).

You have not talked to nearly enough Uber drivers then. Many are struggling to make ends meet. Some of them bought cars at the company's suggestion, with promises that they'd be making enough money to pay off the car within months AND still turn a profit, and instead, are being coaxed into putting in 70 hour workweeks, and 35 hour weekends driving for the app, just to make their "bonuses," which are, let's be honest, quotas, all in order to make enough money to actually scrap by.

The fares don't adjust to the local price of gas. The amount of money a driver is paid from having someone make a mess or throw up in their car has gone down, instead of up. The surge pricing has gone massively down, meaning that the higher risk fares now pay even less, and Uber has consistently lowered the fares again and again, because they don't want to make customers pay what the ride should cost, in order to "stamp out" taxi drivers.

Did the taxi driver model need disruption? Absolutely. Is Uber doing a good job of it? Let's be honest - the company has a noted history of screwing over literally everyone.

When the driver was stabbed to death by a random passenger earlier this year, Uber's response to drivers was "we're sorry that happened, don't pick up anyone you don't feel safe with, and oh, if you decline too many rides, you may be suspended from our service."

Also, as has been pointed out in multiple articles, both Uber and Lyft are doing everything they can to discourage you from driving from multiple services, despite what they claim publicly.

I don't know how you've only encountered Uber drivers doing this as a side gig, but honestly, that isn't the majority of Uber drivers you'll find on a weekend.

Cliff "Devinoch" Hicks
Host of the Starlight Society Podcast
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