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15. Re: Evening Metaverse Dec 28, 2017, 02:13 MoreLuckThanSkill
Meh, not sure what you guys were seeing when you saw Bright, but it was a pretty bad in my opinion.


An embarrassingly ham-fisted racial metaphor, questionable plot (If the wand is that strong, why would Noomi Rapace's Elf character ever give it away, especially if her Elf group are basically turbo ninjas?), constant contradictions('everybody' knows only Brights can use a wand, yet regular people keep grabbing it and blowing up?) What exactly were the cops going to do with the wand if they had successfully stole it? Annihilate themselves by touching it bare handed? Even if a person is a Bright, if they don't know the magic words(as shown by Will Smith), they can't do much anyway? On top of that, apparently they will be targeted by the entirety of Earth's population, who will want to kill them and take the wand?

There were a couple centaurs around, and some other less common mythical creatures, yet they were mostly background scenery. It seems like the other non-human police would have maybe had some effect on Nick the orc cop's situation?

Most importantly though, the entire movie would have been over in the first 10 minutes if the runaway elf girl had just told Smith and his partner to call the magic Feds, or spoken English to them, and anybody had any sense and called the Feds to deal with the incoming Murderous Elf Trio.

All in all, it felt like it should have been a Shadowrun movie, or any one of the halfway decent modern day-fantasy series adaptations; Dresden Files, early Anita Blake, etc. Almost any of those, as cheesy as they mostly are, have far more fleshed out worlds to be used and drawn from. Oh well.

Netflix makes some good stuff; Mindhunters, Travellers, etc. but they are also starting to pump out a ton of crap, seemingly just to fill their servers with their own content.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not cancelling Netflix in protest or something, I just felt the negative reviews of Bright were correct; it simply wasn't that good of a movie.

OCD Complaint: also the firearm sounds in Bright were mostly terible. No excuse for a $100 million dollar movie.

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