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Morning Tech Bits

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4. Re: Morning Tech Bits Nov 9, 2017, 01:54 NKD
While I have no doubt that implantable computer tech and more fully fledged cyborgs will be a thing, it's not clear that it will come before we have true Artificial General Intelligence. Our progress in computers has far outstripped our progress in neuroscience.

We may have that scary AI before we figure out how to plug an infolink into someones brain and make it actually useful.
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3. Re: Morning Tech Bits Nov 8, 2017, 17:58 Cutter
Well there's the minutia of just how intelligent certain AIs will be. Firstly I'd believe that there would have to be some sort of absolute control to shackle said AI in the event it does go rogue. However something being an AI doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be some ultimate intelligence either. How smart does an AI have to be to do a job most humans can do? Not very in most cases. And even in cases where it needs to be smarter than your average bear, say medicine, again that doesn't mean Skynet level of intelligence.

I dunno. I think we need it overall. And it seems inevitable at this point. It's all in how its implemented and handled at all levels of society. If it's too sudden or overwhelming then it'll be bad, very bad. It's more of a walk before you run scenario. And while Ray is a smart man we also see how quick and easy it is for a company like Google to go from 'Don't be evil' to 'We're totes fuckin' evil now!' in a hop, skip, and a jump. Any AI programming would have to have some sort of official oversight, and even then, who watches the watchers? What about hardcore villains and rogue states programming AIs for their own nefarious purposes, or our own governments even?

Yeah, there's major potential upsides and downsides to the whole thing. Guess it's like anything else, we'll only have the benefit of hindsight after they're here and how it all plays out.
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2. Re: Morning Tech Bits Nov 8, 2017, 14:48 Agent.X7
Can we just hurry up with the cyborg bodies so I can live for 500 years?  
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1. Re: Morning Tech Bits Nov 8, 2017, 11:49 jdreyer
I just finished reading "Children of Arkadia" about colonists living in a habitat around Jupiter and the AIs that help them run the station. It's a fairly well-thought out look at human-AI interaction and what might happen. Even in this "best-case" scenario, the humans become the pets of benevolent AIs.

How AI-human interactions might work is something I've been thinking about for decades, and I still haven't figured out how I feel. As a minor example, letting AIs run our cars is a small sacrifice of freedom resulting in huge gains in safety, time, and treasure. I wonder if relegating other functions to AIs will reveal similar results: the economy, policing, farming, etc.
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4 Replies. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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