Star Wars Battlefront II Progression Changes

EA announces changes to the loot crate and progression systems in Star Wars Battlefront II, saying "we've listened to your feedback" in addressing complaints the game will be play-to-win. Here's the post:
We went into Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II with a goal to make the deepest, biggest Star Wars™ game you've ever played. That meant transporting you to all three eras and handing you a huge assortment of heroes, classes, and vehicles – as well as bringing tons of free post-launch content to all Star Wars Battlefront II players.

The Beta gave us a welcome chance to test all of our systems in action and tune things up for better balance. A few weeks back, we mentioned we were going to take another look at how the progression system works. After incorporating feedback from the Beta, we’re happy to share our plans for launch:

  • Epic Star Cards, the highest tier of Star Cards available at launch, have been removed from Crates. To help keep everyone on a level playing field, these Star Cards will primarily be available through crafting, with the exception of special Epic Star Cards available through pre-order, deluxe, and starter packs.
  • You'll need to reach a certain rank to craft upgraded Star Cards. You won't be able to buy a bunch of Crates, grind everything up into crafting materials, and immediately use them to get super powerful Star Cards. You can only upgrade the ability to craft higher tier Star Cards by ranking up through playing the game.
  • Weapons are locked behind specific milestones. While a select few will be found in Crates, the rest can only be attained by play. Want to unlock a new weapon for your Heavy? Play as a Heavy and you’ll gain access to the class’s new weapons.
  • Class-specific gear and items can be unlocked by playing as them. As you progress through your favorite class, you’ll hit milestones granting you class-specific Crates. These will include a mix of Star Cards and Crafting Parts to benefit your class’s development.

This system, as well as all of the others, will be continually iterated on and improved. As we first announced at EA Play in June, we’re committed to keeping the community together. All upcoming weapons, maps, heroes, and vehicles introduced in Star Wars Battlefront II’s post-release content will be free so that players can play alongside friends as the world of Star Wars Battlefront II continues to grow. We know that the magic is in the balance, and we're going to make sure that we continue to make a game that is fun for everyone.

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Re: Star Wars Battlefront II Progression Changes
Oct 31, 2017, 20:06
Re: Star Wars Battlefront II Progression Changes Oct 31, 2017, 20:06
Oct 31, 2017, 20:06
DangerDog wrote on Oct 31, 2017, 20:01:
Slick wrote on Oct 31, 2017, 19:26:
DangerDog wrote on Oct 31, 2017, 18:02:
There still might be a problem, if they tie "in game achievements" to unlocking weapons/cards you might end up with a situation where you won't be able to complete the tasks once the player population drops off.

Yes, the magical balance between squeezing money out of players while not appearing to be greedy monsters.

If there's nobody playing the game, then I think we'd have bigger issues rather than worrying if my grenades have a 24 or 26-second cooldown with the exact same damage, radius etc.

And people hate EA all day everyday. But I don't think you can chalk this up to being "greedy monsters".

Sorry, but "Greedy Monsters" don't give away all DLC content for free to every player. Your calculations of what constitutes evil greed has to take that into account or else your accounting is shown to be severly biased.

I was thinking about Battlefield 1 and some of the achievements that are tied to playing game modes that are dead. There's still life in the base game though.

Yeah well, that's a real concern if they tie achievements to certain modes. The PC community especially suffers from this, as in I haven't found a "Rush" game in BF1 in months. Shit no one even plays the maps from the first DLC pack anymore... This has been going on for years though. I remember buying the new CoD a few years back and within 2 days of launch there was only TDM playlists active, and that was it until the game died.

I'm all for player choice, but I do wish there was some way to gently "force" players to play some of the IMO more fun/unique gamemodes to keep them alive longer.

Shit the "Carrier Assault" in the Naval expansion of BF4 was super cool, was basically the Titan mode from 2142 where you cap missile silos, then have to board the enemy giant ass carrier at the end to blow up the reactor/engine room. That shit was dead after 2 months, and most people never even learned how to play the damned mode, and would just get mad when they lost and didn't understand WTF had just happened, not knowing they have to defend their carrier when it's hull is breached...
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