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4. Re: Evening Interviews Oct 27, 2017, 22:42 Suppa7
D_K_night wrote on Oct 27, 2017, 00:21:
You wanna know what raised an enormous amount of hype for Overwatch? It wasn't even the game. It was the characters!

It went way beyond the characters, I tried the free trial and the art design is really what killed it.

Basically Cliff is still living in the UT era, art in games like quake 2 and unreal tournament were very un-coordinated programmer art - aka no sense of style or cohesion and that was fine during the 90's. But after the 2000's people started to take art seriously.

I always get a laugh when I see quake champions cloning the "nerd art" of quake 3, aka the quake 3 character models and game was basically just random art wrapped around a game since those games were about systems and gameplay first, since back then we weren't so hung up on if there was any cohesive sense of style since gameplay was all that mattered. Cliff is thinking it's still the 90's.
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3. Re: Evening Interviews Oct 27, 2017, 04:36 DangerDog
He made an esport game, nobody showed up. I think that's funny.

I don't know if the MANGA artwork style would have helped here, I guess if you're going to try to take on Overwatch then that would be a good place to start.

you also need to dumb the gameplay way down, like move forward and press fire button.
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2. Re: Evening Interviews Oct 27, 2017, 00:21 gommerstrike
I don't why, and this isn't exactly fair, but Cliff instantly rubbed me the wrong way. I understand he is supposed to be a polarizing personality and that's his brand. Hey that's cool. We need the villains and bad boys of the industry to trash-talk and be more "real".

But I'll tell you why Lawbreakers failed, Cliffy if you're listening, which I'm sure you're not. Numbers even lower than Battleborn. Seriously that is pathetic.

You wanna know what raised an enormous amount of hype for Overwatch? It wasn't even the game. It was the characters! Think about it - when you actually had Overwatch porn all over Tumblr and people couldn't get enough of the character design...and gameplay footage was knew you had something special on your hands.

The movies and cutscenes(which weren't even in the game!) were ridiculous. It built hype like you wouldn't believe.

Lawbreakers did the opposite. It developed the game first, and built no story around the characters. Where is the marketing campaign? I only ever heard of Battleborn as an Overwatch clone, and well - Lawbreakers was just another clone relegated to the sidelines. There was nothing about Lawbreakers to grab my attention...not the characters, not the storyline, not the CGI or anything. Not even a sappy tearjerker of a story about an abandoned robot(Bastion). There was nothing.

So Cliff claims that oh, that little community of users will be the evangelists and do the marketing for them. Hate to tell you this, but a small group of users, even if they exponentially increase the userbase through word of still a small number. 10 concurrent users into 100, into 1000 is still a small number. Look at PUBG's numbers. Overwatch's numbers.

Yes your game could be in fact better than PUBG and Overwatch, hey I believe it. But where are the big things happening with the game? Where are the tournaments + prize pools? Where are the pro teams signing up to compete? You need this stuff to expose the game out to audiences. For god sake there are smartphone MOBA titles that have bigger concurrent numbers than Lawbreakers, Cliff.

You guys are going to run ourselves out of money and end up like Battleborn mark my words. You need something to grow the game and fast. OK let's just assume everyone's gonna get sick and tired of Overwatch sooner or later. Let's just say...another 2 years and everyone's moved on. Why would they suddenly look at Lawbreakers and want to play an Overwatch clone?
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1. Re: Evening Interviews Oct 26, 2017, 22:58 CptRanger
Without reading the article:

Cliff insulted PC Gamers on multiple occasions, entered a market already dominated by Overwatch and PUBG, and finally had nothing that made it stand out as "OMG! I WANT TO PLAY THAT!"
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Using a steering wheel on a Burnout game is like using the Space Shuttle controls to fly a kite.
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