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Halo Wars 2 Cross-Platform Support

A Halo Community Update has details on how Halo Wars 2 will support cross-platform play between Windows 10 and Xbox One (thanks DSOGaming). Here's word:

We’ve touched on Xbox Arena before, so astute Halo Wars 2 players no doubt already knew that, but during our 10/17 live stream we also dropped breaking news of another new feature coming in the next game update – Crossplay for Xbox and Windows 10 PCs! As an Xbox Play Anywhere title, players have the ability to enjoy Halo Wars 2 on their console or PC, but up until now that has not included cross-platform online play. Crossplay has been a passion project for the team and frankly was something we weren’t sure would be feasible to incorporate at this stage in the game’s development. The team has worked hard to deliver this feature and final testing indicates it’s ready for release into the wild. Crossplay, Arena support, and the Xbox One X visual enhancements are all targeted for release in late October.

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1. Re: Halo Wars 2 Cross-Platform Support Oct 18, 2017, 21:07 Rigs
As a huge HALO fanboy (and will gladly admit it), it kills me that MS won't bring the rest of the series to the PC, like yesterday! I mean, how hard would it be, honestly? They have the infrastructure in place from MCC, just do the small bit of port work and BAM! Happy HALO fans playing it on the platform it was meant to be on! (Well, technically it was supposed to be an RTS on the Mac, so close enough)

I've actually been thinking about the early initial development of HALO quite a bit lately, for no real overall reason. It just fascinates me. I don't think Bungie had in mind, certainly, where the story of the game would go after three or four sequels. I'm curious what the original story would have been about, had it stayed an RTS? From the early articles I've read, the 'Spartans' were just regular troops like the ODST, maybe special ops, but not 'super soldiers' as they became later on. The Sangheili (Elites) were always there, as were the grunts (The Unggoy) but I don't see the Flood or the Jiralhanae (Brutes).

I think, most of all, what fascinated me was the Halo itself. Like who built it? Why? How? When? How big was it? How was it powered? Being a weather buff, I wondered about weather patterns on the ring. It had gravity and spun in space, so could it have hurricanes? Climates and biomes were obvious from pictures, were they natural or artificial? I was mesmerized. Playing it for the first time, long after it had come out on Xbox, on my (then) wife's PC, it totally captivated me. I'd never played anything like it! And she had an older AMD Duron/850 with a Geforce2MX that I'd build years before, which just barely ran it. I had just started a new job at Cingular and was in two months of training but couldn't wait to get home and play more HALO!

A few months later, I got a brand new DELL Pentium4/2.66ghz with a top-of-the-line ATI 9800 PRO! I'd insisted on that particular video card and it cost me but man, o man, was it worth every cent! It made that old GF2MX look like the difference between DOS VGA games and 3D accelerated Win98SE games! I was in absolute heaven and finished HALO CE with my jaw on the floor. Even the multiplayer was awesome and I rarely play multi!

I wish they'd go back and make a HALO game that captured that magic again. That sense of wonder and astonishment. Destiny isn't it. And the path the HALO universe has taken since isn't it, either, I'm sorry to say. Good times, man, good times...

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