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3. Re: Sunday Tech Bits Sep 3, 2017, 16:58 NewMaxx
jdreyer wrote on Sep 3, 2017, 16:12:
Windows 10 has so many annoying intermittent issues that Win 7 never had.
- put to sleep, and it will hang indefinitely with the hard drive running. Have to reboot.
- wakes up from sleep and the network driver is completely missing. Not deactivated, but gone entirely. Have to reboot.
- sometimes it loses the ability to recognize USB devices. Even if I replug them, it won't see them. Have to reboot.

This was a clean install. My hardware is pretty standard. I don't have a lot of software other than games loaded.

I had two major problems with it so far. Well, actually, three. The first was when I upgraded to the first major pack and it removed my USB filters. This wiped all connected USB drives (my eSATA ones were fine) so I had to restore one or two TB manually. Later, when restoring a backup, it wrote to the wrong drive (when it rebooted to the process) and that drive was one of two in a RAID-0. Again, had to restore 1-2 TB of shit because of that. Third, I stupidly put it on my one server, where I discovered that update basically gimped your ability to directly run things on startup. Yes there are ways around that but it's ridiculous that I was cost about a week of work over those issues in the last YEAR. I did get it for gaming reasons but so far there's really no gain for that despite the promises, even on proper DX12 cards (AMD) you don't really gain anything you just lose less.
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